Teaching Textbooks Pre-Calculus

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Teaching Textbooks Pre-Calculus

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With trademark Teaching Textbook features that homeschoolers have come to love, Teaching Textbooks Pre-Calculus features a simple, detailed way for independent learners to tackle pre-calculus...and discover that it's not that hard after all! Highlighted text tells students where to focus their attention, clear examples move step-by-step through complicated topics, and bold illustrations evoke a hand-drawn feel.

Each chapter features a conversational lesson and features multiple illustrations before moving on to practice exercises and a problem set-both of which include questions based on problems found in the CLEP and SAT II math tests. Function basics are covered before moving on to polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic, radical, power and trigonometric functions; vectors, polar coordinates, systems, matrices, determinants, analytic geometry, sequences, probability, statistics and calculus.

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