Teaching Textbooks Algebra II

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Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2

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Created for the independent, homeschooling student, Teaching Textbooks has helped thousands of high school students gain a solid foundation in upper-level math without constant parental or teacher involvement. Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 covers fractional equations, powers and exponents, second-degree equations, equations with variables, inequalities, absolute value, and other important Algebra 2 topics.

Extraordinarily clear illustrations, examples, and graphs have a non-threatening, hand-drawn look, and engaging real-life questions make learning Algebra 2 practical and applicable. Textbook examples are clear while the audiovisual support includes full lectures (reading the textbook), practice and solution CDs for every chapter problem, homework problem, and test problem. The review-method structure helps students build problem solving skills as they practice core concepts and rote techniques.

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We have used almost every single level of this curriculum after trying several other popular ones. The quality of teaching this is amazing. No more Mommy trying to figure out math. Teaching Textbooks is challenging to my math-loving kids, and yet is gently and builds confidence in my non-math loving kids. My 8th grade daughter has never felt good about math, and after 3 years of using Teaching Textbooks, is now conquering Algebra with ease. My math loving 12th grader is now all set to go into Engineering, thanks to the firm foundation that Teaching Textbooks has provided. What a gift Teaching Textbooks has been to our family!
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We have used Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus. With four children and twelve years between youngest and oldest, this curriculum was perfect. I could not have been happier with the product. My older children were able to learn independently and understand. I am planning to use it with the two younger children also. I recommend this math to everyone I talk to.
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So easy to use, great for independent learning
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