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Each of our self-paced history courses has 160 class periods covering 32 historical events. With interactive teaching, clever games, engaging video footage, and a talking historical character, your child will be motivated throughout the entire year. This approach to learning history is unparalleled. It includes:

  • Memorizing names, dates, and places to learn how God has worked throughout history.
  • Multi-sensory learning through interactions and games make the work fun and exciting.
  • Providing a foundation for more in-depth study in later years.
  • Teaching a chronological sequence or timeline of history.

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I LOVE Veritas Press! We use both the Bible and History and have been very impressed with both. I love the content these lessons cover and my kids look forward to their lessons. They are fun, engaging and teach history through a biblical perspective.
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This program is possibly the best thing that ever happened to our homeschool. History was something that never stuck for me--dates, people, events...I enjoyed learning about them but couldn't retain the information. So teaching my own kids was intimidating. On top of that, they LOVE history. And, having 3 kids at different levels makes it hard to do a lot of one on one teaching. Enter Veritas Press Self Paced History. All 3 of my kids, with 3 very different learning styles, not only learned, retained, and could apply what they learned, but they loved these courses (we have done them all). I sometimes would make history the treat of the day, because they would work hard to be able to get to do history. My son, who is 11, loved these so much he finished a whole year in only 6 months, and begged to repeat his favorite one--New Testament, Greece and Rome. I cannot express how delightful, fun, and enriching these courses are.

**Around April of every year these go on sale for about $100 for the Self-Paced course. You also need the cards (not optional in my opinion), and I HIGHLY recommend at least some of the suggested reading books.
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Engaging, thorough, fascinating, self-taught
Sometimes I had to read the questions for my younger kids
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Without a Doubt I do!
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