Tangram Lesson Plan


This 16 page PDF digital download lesson plan includes instructions for teaching a lesson on tangrams from beginning to end. Begin your lesson with a good book then make tangrams, teach math concepts and vocabulary and solve tangram puzzles all in a day’s math lesson. Why not use this fun Chinese puzzle to change up math and make it fun!

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This Tangram Lesson Plan is all you need to teach a lesson on Tangrams, an ancient Chinese puzzle. It begins with a square and contains seven geometric pieces, or tans. You can use these seven pieces to create a number of pictures, but when played you must follow these rules:

  • All 7 pieces must be used.
  • All pieces must lie flat.
  • All pieces must touch.
  • No pieces may overlap.
  • Pieces may be rotated and/or flipped to form the desired shape.

Use this lesson plan to create an entire day of math fun without your children even realizing they are having school! Download the Tangram Lesson Plan freebie by adding it to you cart above, then follow it’s easy step by step plan!

Use the Tangram Lesson Plan to teach math concepts:

Your child will discover so much more from Tangrams than just the seven shapes or tans they contain! But for starters, they are:

  • a small square
  • two congruent triangles
  • two large congruent triangles
  • a medium size triangle
  • a parallelogram

In addition to using tangrams to review the basic geometric shapes you can also introduce a few new ones by use them to teach these math vocabulary terms: Acute, Congruent,ObtuseParallel, and Parallelogram.

Additional ways to use tangrams in this lesson plan are:

  1. Introduce tangrams through a language arts story. Resource/ Book List included.
  2. Master the tangram puzzles and create your own.
  3. Use the tangrams to tell a story.


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