Snow Queen Copywork


Copywork for The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson

These copywork pages compliment the treasured fairy tale story by Hans Christian Anderson. Both cursive and manuscript options, 4 pages of each, are included. This enables you to work on handwriting practice with multiples ages while readying the same literature selection. This 8 page total PDF is for digital download only, story not included.


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How to use Snow Queen Copywork:

It’s best to read all or selections of the classic The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson before using the copywork pages but is not required. I carefully selected parts of the story which I felt were most beautiful in language and meaning for these pages. Each page is available in both cursive and manuscript.

10 Uses for Snow Queen Copywork:

  1. Use these pages to writing practice. Your child can see the language properly writing on each page and  use this as a copywork practice assignment.
  2. Select new vocabulary words. Discuss with your child each quote from the story to determine which words could be selected as new vocabulary.
  3. Create a spelling list. Select words to spelling practice and quizzes for the week.
  4. Use the pages as a writing prompt. Choose a page and have your child finish a paragraph of the story.
  5. Make them into a lesson on character. Use one of the selections to discuss a character issue or quality.
  6. Use the pages as a language lesson such as metaphors and similes. Pick a page that demonstrates one of these or fist teach them to your child and see if they can or can’t find similes and metaphors in these writing selections.
  7. Give a grammar lesson. Find parts of speech that your working on with your child in these selections and have them go over them with you. They can circle or underline what you would like them to look for.
  8. Try using the pages for dictation selections. Once your child had practiced one of the selections. Try dictating it and having them write what they can. Have them compare their work and make any corrections thy see.
  9. Do a snow writing project! Dictate a shorter selection or phrase and have your child write it in the snow. If now snow is available use a tray of salt. Practice spelling this way.
  10. Once writing is complete– turn the copywork into snowflakes for the classroom!



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