Leonardo Da Vinci Copywork


This copywork quote compliments any Leonardo Da Vinci unit or mini study. It is a 4 page digital download PDF. It’s primary use is writing practice. Includes both cursive and manuscript pages, 2 each.


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Leonardo da Vinci Copywork

Enjoy this Leonardo da Vinci Copywork with any Leonardo da Vinci study. He was as much, if not more, an inventor as much as he was an artist. He was certainly a great thinker as well. While working on my Leonardo Da Vinci art lesson, I came across this fitting quote:

By looking attentively at old and smeared walls, or stones and veined marble of various colors, you may fancy that you see in them several compositions, landscapes, battles, figures in quick motion, strange countenances, and dresses, with an infinity of other objects. By these confused lines, the inventive genius is excited to new exertions.

~Leonardo da Vinci, Treatise on Painting

I loved this quote so much that I decided to create this Leonardo da Vinci Copywork HHM:

The quote is quite long and the second page is intended for additional space.

Some ideas for using this copywork are to:

  • Add to a unit study
  • Read a biography before the writing practice
  • Handwriting practice
  • Presentation board element
  • Make a Leonardo Da Vinci Booklet



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