Explore the Elements of Art Lesson Plan


This 19 page PDF details instruction on teaching the Elements of Art. It complements a Norman Rockwell Art Project. The project is a simple collage assignment in which children can apply their new found understanding of each element that goes into good and inspiring art.


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Elements of Art Lesson Plan

This Elements of Art Lesson Plan is wonderful for teaching the elements of art in a fun and applicable way. Homeschool moms can teach this course using an “on and off the bus” teaching style. This means teaching with all age groups to start and then doing more focused concepts with older children. However, it’s got everything you need if you’re teaching in a classroom or co-op setting as well.

Download this Elements of Art Lesson Plan for your next homeschool art day. This free lesson is risk free to try! In addition, it offers dialogue and discussion points throughout. Printable pages add to the lesson with visuals and project design worksheets. The project requires minimal materials but you will need multiple National Geographic or other cultural magazines.

Elements of Art Lesson Plan includes:

  • Norman Rockwell’s Golden Rule Picture study instructions- Emoticons for ages 3-7can be printed and mounted on card stock. As you look at Rockwell’s illustrations together have your child determine which emotion they think fits best.
  • Instructions for putting together an Art Element Bag.
  • Brief introductions to the art elements (listed below) and how to teach them to children.
  • Design Questionnaire for Golden Rule Collage Project

Golden Rule Collage Project

This Elements of Art Lesson Plan includes Golden Rule Collage Project instructions. Making collages are fairly easy for most children. However, this lesson emphasizes the importance of design and application of the art elements into their collages. Here are a few examples of my student’s collages:

Student Collage Examples | Elements of Art Lesson Plan 9 Elements of Art discussed are:

  1. Line
  2.  Color
  3. Attributes
  4. Shape
  5. Direction
  6. Texture
  7. Space
  8. Balance
  9. Contrast

Your child will learn this and much more through the design of their Golden Rule Collages!

Do you love Norman Rockwell’s art? Here are some children’s books to introduce them to his beautiful works too!!


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