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  • Tangram Lesson Plan

    Tangram Lesson Plan


    This 16 page PDF digital download lesson plan includes instructions for teaching a lesson on tangrams from beginning to end. Begin your lesson with a good book then make tangrams, teach math concepts and vocabulary and solve tangram puzzles all in a day’s math lesson. Why not use this fun Chinese puzzle to change up math and make it fun!

  • Explore the Elements of Art Free Lesson Plan

    Explore the Elements of Art Lesson Plan


    This 19 page PDF details instruction on teaching the Elements of Art. It complements a Norman Rockwell Art Project. The project is a simple collage assignment in which children can apply their new found understanding of each element that goes into good and inspiring art.


  • Color Harmonies Workbook


    Help your child learn the basics of color with this Color Harmonies Workbook. It’s very easy to follow, requires no art training to teach and offers an easy to understand definition of each harmony. The five page “workbook” teaches the 4 color harmonies.