TeenCoder: Java Programming

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TeenCoder Java Programming

TeenCoder: Java Programming is the first semester course of the "TeenCoder" Java and Android course-year (and is followed by TeenCoder Android Programming), and teaches students in grades 9-12 how to create graphical and console applications using object-oriented design concepts. Students can teach themselves by following the user-friendly book & course CD as they complete the activities integrated into each chapter. Lessons written using plenty of screenshots and visually distinct programming language fonts ensure that instructions and code are clearly understood. Student activities and fully coded solutions for all activities are included. Plus, students can also use this course to study for the AP Computer Science A exam!

No prior computer programming or HTML experience is required; the other year of TeenCoder, the C# series, can be completed before or after this course. Students should know the basics of computer use, understand how to store and load files on the hard disk, and navigate the file system and directory structures. Course CD with set-up program is also included. 274 pages, indexed, softcover. Reproducible for personal use only. An optional Java Programming Supplemental Instructional DVD, 2nd Edition is also available for this course, which covers every chapter and lesson with fun, animated videos (sold separately). Covers one semester. 2nd Edition.

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