KidCoder: Advanced Web Design

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KidCoder Advanced Web Design

KidCoder: Advanced Web Design will teach students in grades 4 through 12 how to create their own web pages using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

This book & CD-ROM set is the second semester course of the Homeschool Programming Inc. Web Design "KidCoder" course-year; it is preceded by Beginning Web Design, which is a prerequisite for this course. Students must have a good knowledge of the content of Beginning Web Design, be able to use application menu systems, and walk through their file system and directory structures in order to complete this book.

Chapters cover using Komodo Edit, handling new HTML5 elements, using headers and footers, dynamic navigation menus, embedded audio and video, CSS3 styles, relationship selectors, pseudo-selectors, JavaScript, JQuery animations, and more.

Chapter review summaries, "work with me" step-by-step instruction, and "your turn" practice activities are highlighted within each chapter. Plenty of screenshots and visually distinct HTML ensure that instructions and code is clearly understood. Throughout the course, students will be challenged to apply what they've learned by building their own web site.

The course CD with set-up program is also included. The optional KidCoder Advanced Web Design Supplemental Instructional DVD is also available for this course, which covers every chapter and lesson with fun, animated videos (sold separately). 266 pages, indexed, softcover. Reproducible for personal use only. Course CD-ROM included. Can be used on Mac or Windows computers.

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