TeenCoder: Game Programming in C#

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TeenCoder Game Programming in C sharp

TeenCoder: Game Programming is the second semester course in the TeenCoder C# series (preceded by the TeenCoder Windows Programming) and introduces 9th-12th grade students to the C# programming language, the Visual C# 2010 Express development environment, and Microsoft's XNA Game Studio 4.0 development kit.

Students will learn the basic of game programming, including game design and logic, displaying graphics, animating images, handling sprites, playing sounds, game physics, maze solutions, multi-player viewports, and even AI. Each chapter explains a programming concept in detail with corresponding sample code. Activities at the end of each chapter prompt the student to write their own program based on the material learned in the chapter.

One Semester. Grades 9-12. 233 pages, softcover. Course CD included, which provides a Solution Guide PDF and fully coded solutions for all activities.

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