Today’s post is a little pep talk from me to you. We all need a pep talk from time to time. And as a homeschool Mom, I know that I need those little pep talks sometimes because I worry about life. I also worry about school. I worry about the state of the world and my part in fixing it. I worry about my husband’s health with all of his traveling. I worry that if I died tomorrow, I would never know my grandchildren – yes, I worry about that stuff. But mostly, I worry about whether I am doing a great job and I am not very proficient at telling myself that I am ever doing a splendid job because … well, let me get back to the peptalk.

And btw, I feel it in my heart that I am not alone here ….

I do this. I do it – all.of.the.time.

What is that you ask?

Run on empty.

Second guess myself. Tell myself that I will never be able to accomplish it.

I ask myself why I think I would stack up or why ‘they’ would pick me?

I talk myself down by saying I am not worthy.

I take the fabulous idea that I spent days considering and trash it because I feel as though it will never come to fruition.

I tell myself that my voice will not be heard when there are so many others more accomplished than I.

When I should fuel my faith, and not fuel my fear.

Yes, fuel our faith. Be honest with yourself right now. How many times have you talked yourself out of doing something because you were scared of failing?

What would you do in life, if you knew you could not fail?

How often do you tell yourself I can be anything I want to be?

Probably never.

How often have you told your children, the world is your oyster, you can be anything you want?

If you are like me, you tell your children all the time that they can take on the world and do great things.

I want them to have self confidence, first class self esteem and a belief that they are great achievers.

Are you nodding in agreement yet?

What hypocrites we are. Well, that is a little harsh when really, we have just lost a little faith. And also, I don’t know about you, but given a choice about ruling the world or taking a nap – its not much of a competition some days. Setting goals is sometimes a tough call, when just battling your to do list makes you fantasize about fruity drinks and rolling waves. But what would we set out to accomplish, if we knew nothing but success was at the finish line?

If the world was truly our oyster?

When did we give up on our dreams? When did we tell ourselves we were not good enough?

And when will we listen to that still small voice that says we can do all things?

Even the Bible tells us that we can do all things.

Right there in Philippians 4.13 it tells us I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Let’s really consider those words – I can do all things … not alone, no.

But I can do all things through Him.

Now we look at everything through new eyes. Instead of I cannot, or I am not good enough, or I am not worthy …

We refocus on Him. He who gives us the strength to do all things.

He who has our backs.

He who guides us in all things and loves us just the way He created us.

When we take away the I, and replace it with Him, His word, His love – don’t you just feel your heart smile?

Your soul renewed.

With God, your tank will always be full.

Never run on empty. Fuel your faith.


Nicole, was born in England, raised in South Africa, and recently became an American that talks funny. A Liberal Christian Mom, currently living in sunny Florida, married to the man affectionately referred to as MR 51% in her blog. Has homeschooled her two cherubs since early 2008 and embraces the ‘World is our Classroom’ by traveling as often as they can. When she is home you can catch up with them in their outfit of choice – jammies, most days, exploring the beach in flip flops and devouring books. She loves Jesus. She says, What would Jesus do? A. Lot. Nicole fills her blog with stories on life, travel, homeschooling, infertility and adoption. She does not write about dieting or exercise. Some days – you should bring wine. You can find Nicole blogging at By Word of Mouth Musings.

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