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Get Outdoors and Enjoy an ABC Nature Walk




In our family, we love spending time outside.  As much as the children enjoying nature walks, however, at times they need some encouragement to get out and get moving.  For this, I’ve enjoyed using various specific natures studies (everything from Birds of Prey to Trees).

Something fun we tried this week was a simple ABC Nature Walk.  I actually got this idea from a fantastic homeschool mom who does lots of fun nature-related unit studies with her children. I just drew a very easy chart with the letters of the alphabet and spaces to print and brought it along on a clipboard.

It was a beautiful Spring day, the perfect afternoon for a leisurely stroll.  As we walked, I encouraged the children to find things in nature that corresponded with the letters of the alphabet.  With all the lovely blossoms of Spring and the first insects coming out again, there was plenty to see!

Of course, the children started giving examples like, “T for Tree!” and “B for Bug!” but I encouraged them to come up with items that were a little more creative.  I also asked them to pick items that showed me something about their knowledge of nature.

My ten year old then spotted a Spider and used “Arachnid” for A.   He also used “Cumulus Cloud” for C.  I also encouraged the children to use descriptive words for their starting letter.  They could also use poetic phrases.  My daughter came up with, “Little bumpy tree; a canopy” for the letter L, as an example.   We also said, “Narnia-like Lamp post” for N.

What a fun way to encourage the whole family to be attentive, practice language skills, and get active outside!


Why not get out and go for an ABC Nature Walk?

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