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Fun and Educational St. Patrick’s Day Activities!

Are you looking for some fun and educational St. Patrick’s Day activities? This Irish holiday honors the official patron saint of Ireland. However, the fun traditions of St. Patrick’s Day aren’t limited to Ireland. In fact, St. Patrick’s Day traditions have caught on all over the world! St. Patrick’s Day is now proudly celebrated in many countries, such as the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and New Zealand.

Whether you are Irish, have Irish ancestors, or are just looking for some festive ways to celebrate the unique culture of Ireland, we’re bringing you some fun and educational activities that you can use to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your homeschool!

St. Patrick’s Day Art, Crafts, and Hands-on Activities

These crafty activities inspire hands-on learning and can be fun for the whole family to try together!

Leprechaun Hats: A St. Patrick’s Day Craft Using Recycled K Cups

Create a “life-sized” Leprechaun hat with this fun and simple craft that repurposes those used-up K Cups in your kitchen!

St. Patricks' Day Leprechaun hats craft

St. Patrick’s Day Craft: Charming Shamrock Wire Bookmark

This shamrock wire bookmark is beautiful and features a very Celtic-inspired design! This is a great craft to make with older kids, and one that they’ll enjoy using, too!

Rainbow Projects for Kids

The rainbow is a popular symbol in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. (After all, it’s where you can find the mythical leprechaun’s pot of gold!) Here are some rainbow-themed projects that combine a little bit of art and science to make some colorful, magical fun.

Free Printable: St. Patrick’s Day Play Dough Mat

Create a Saint Patrick’s day masterpiece and teach your little learner about ROYGBIV (color order) using playdough and this printable mat!

More Fun and Educational St. Patrick’s Day Activities

This article contains links to even more crafts and activities that you’ll enjoy using for St. Patrick’s Day!

St Patricks Day crafts and activities

Walking Rainbow Educational Activity 

This cool activity is part art, part science, and 100% rainbow-inspired fun!

Printable Worksheets

Just download and print these educational worksheets to add some instant St. Patrick’s Day fun to your homeschool! 

Multiplication Tables 

This shamrock-themed printable offers a great visual aid to help children with multiplying by 3s and 4s!

St. Patrick’s Day Hundreds Charts

Use these worksheets to give your child some extra practice counting to 100 with festive, Leprechaun-themed pages.

Skip-Counting with Shamrocks

Teaching young kids about skip-counting? Use these printable shamrock-themed worksheets that they can fill in and color, too!

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Printables 

This article includes links to a variety of downloadable activities: a not-too-hard word search, a grammatical scavenger hunt, and a mad lib activity (all on theme for St. Patrick’s Day, of course!)

St. Patrick’s Day Verb Tense Writing

Practice different tenses of verbs in a fun way with this Leprechaun-themed grammar printable!

St. Patrick’s Day Adjectives Word Wall

Use this St. Patrick’s Day Adjective Word Wall to introduce your child to adjectives or reinforce learning about parts of speech (or just use them for some St. Patrick’s Day-themed spelling words!)

St. Patrick’s Day Verbs Word Wall

Use this Leprechaun-themed word wall to help teach your child more about action verbs this St. Patrick’s Day! These also make great spelling words for young learners.

St. Patrick’s Day Nouns Word Wall

This St. Patrick’s Day-themed word wall will make it fun and easy for young children to learn about nouns!

Ireland Unit Study

This fun and interesting cultural study will get kids involved in learning about the nation of Ireland! This printable has a huge variety of engaging activities that work for a wide range of ages.

St. Patrick’s Day Traditions Around the World

It’s funny to think that so many countries around the world celebrate a holiday that honors Ireland’s patron saint, but they do! This printable booklet would fun to read as a family and discover traditions that different places around the world observe on St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe you’ll even find some that you want to try in your homeschool!

Kid-Friendly Recipes

Rainbow Tie-Dye Cupcakes

These Rainbow Tie-Dye Cupcakes are the perfect colorful treat to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day!

Hidden Veggie Green Mac & Cheese

This healthier twist on classic Mac & Cheese has hidden treasure (AKA green vegetables) and may just be your new lucky dish for picky eaters.

Whimsical St. Patrick’s Day Thumbprint Cookies

These thumbprint cookies are fun to make, look at, and (of course) eat!

St. Patrick’s Day Reverse Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate (and a pinch of bright green!) You can’t go wrong with these Reverse Chocolate Cookies.

Kids in the Kitchen: Rainbow Cupcakes 

These fun-to-make cupcakes represent the rainbow (on the inside) and the gold (at the top) which are both symbolic of Irish lore!

Rainbow Fruit Salad

Looking for a healthier, fun snack idea that’s on theme for St. Patrick’s Day? This Rainbow Fruit Salad is the perfect option!

I hope you and your children have some fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day while sneaking in some educational benefits using those activities.

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