Put the FUN into Your Homeschool: FREE Geography Resources

There’s not much that gets a homeschool mom excited like FREE resources, and when they are things which are sure to put the FUN into your family homeschool . . . it’s just THAT much more exciting!

Put the FUN into Your Homeschool: FREE Geography Resources

Or is it just me? I’m a sucker for Fun Free Homeschool resources for certain, so I’m thrilled to share a few of my favorites with you.

We do a good bit of traveling and often use geography to inspire additional learning. It’s a great way to teach multiple ages because each student will focus and work at his own level even as the project is done as a family.

It is an efficient use of your time and your homeschool budget, as you can do a lot of reading out loud and look up places and landmarks on maps and in an Atlas. You can pull out spelling, vocabulary, writing practice, cooking lessons, and much more with a single geography lesson. It’s even MORE efficient on your homeschool budget when you use FREE Geography Resources.

Using a pretend passport, country stamps, and your child’s photo – is a super fun way to get her interested and excited about learning.

  FREE FUN Passport Download

We laminated the covers of our passports to make them last longer. My boys used simple stamps and ink pads to add dates.  Country stickers were added with an inexpensive glue stick. Get full instructions and download with the link below:

You can download your own FREE Pretend Passports HERE. 

Another simple idea to add more FUN into your homeschool through geography  is to use LEGOs or other medium to re-create famous landmarks which you read about in your geography studies. It doesn’t need to be difficult or fancy–just let your kids use their own ideas to create projects that look similar to the places you read about.

This is my boys version of the Eiffel Tower in France:

LEGO Geography

See additional ideas and get country information to go with the various projects HERE.

Enjoy free country information from France, Egypt, Greece, and El Salvador, and use the links to choose additional countries for your family to “visit” in your virtual travel journey.

Additionally, we love to cook food from the countries we are learning about. These days, it’s not difficult to find recipes from anywhere in the world with a good Google search! While we work in the kitchen, it’s a great time to go over the different facts and information we read about earlier.

I hope these ideas inspire and encourage you to realize that you don’t have to always have a large budget to give your children a solid education. You can put some FUN into your homeschool using FREE Geography Resources!

How about you? We’d LOVE to hear your ideas for fun and free or frugal homeschool ideas!

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