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GNN America: Helping You Inspire Your Child to Change the World!

Lori Bango was a busy mom just like you. When she received a cancer diagnosis, her world and her priorities changed. She and her husband decided they wanted to inspire others with the truth of God’s love and the knowledge that we can all be world-changers! Now, through her website, GNN America (Good News Now), they are doing just that. Keep reading to learn about how GNN America can help you inspire your children to change the world! 

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Lori’s Story:

Three years ago, soon after beginning to homeschool, our lives were changed forever by the word feared most – the big “C”- Cancer. Hurdled into unknown territory, we were for the first time as a family, uncertain about the future. The journey has been filled with twists and turns, experiencing a series of extraordinary events directed by the hand of God.

By grace alone, I managed to finish the school year, in spite of the draining cancer treatment. Last summer, I received a clean bill of health and the good news that I was in remission and cancer free. This journey caused us to seriously reevaluate what was important and where we had been placing our time and energy every day.

My husband came to me one night frustrated and spiritually drained after watching the evil in this world on the news. Pacing back and forth in our bedroom, he passionately shared his desire to focus on goodness, gratefulness, and God. We talked about the importance of living out an attitude of gratitude in all circumstances and living as the Light that shines in the darkness. We were immersed in thankfulness for the miracles we had seen, and suddenly doors started to open in our lives, bringing us to this point in time.

In that very moment, as he paced the floor, the vision of GNN America was born.

We can’t change the inevitable, and we can’t change the past. What we can do is intentionally change our future, no matter what it might bring, by demonstrating an attitude of gratitude. After my life changing diagnosis, we asked ourselves – what are we doing with the life that God has given us for this short time on the planet?

Serving as the worship leader at church, we are blessed to worship each Sunday together as a family on the worship team. My husband is the drummer, our 12-year-old son plays the keyboard, and the Lord has given me breath to sing His praise almost every week for the last three years.

The struggle with cancer taught us that every breath is a gift from the Lord. This reality became so clear by the passing of a fellow homeschool Mom who was my age. She was diagnosed with the same cancer, around the same time in 2011. The Lord has used this in our lives in a mighty way. As a family, we are conscious of continually reevaluating our time together as a family, and we pray that the Lord will use us and our story to shine Light into darkness with the gift of time we have left.

Through homeschooling our children, we are raising a generation of world changers! We have a unique and precious opportunity to make a difference in this world, and in the lives of the people around us. Let’s not be conformed to this world as we witness the collapse of ethics, morals, and virtue in our society today.

As homeschooling parents, we take the role of parental involvement to the limit! Go ahead and pat yourself on the back – it’s OK! We are raising world changers! We recognize the urgency, and we have CHOSEN to reform our lives and raise our children according to the truth. As homeschooling parents, we have an essential, moral obligation to shape not just our children’s minds, but their hearts as well. We can win the battle for the hearts and minds of our children, and ultimately, the war for the next generation through homeschooling.

We asked ourselves, “Are we encouraging our children to be world changers?” This has become the driving force behind our journey in creating and developing GNN America. Together, we can make a difference!

Our desire is to offer all homeschool students and families a safe place to share the written account of good news to encourage and inspire others. We provide an outlet where homeschoolers can publish their stories while growing confident in their writing skills.

Moms, this is a win, win!

So, how can you get involved and shine your Light in the darkness? How can we all become world changers, one story at a time?

Participate in our quarterly homeschool writing contest – it’s a great way for children to get an audience for their efforts and the hard work they have put into a homeschool writing project. Each quarter, winners will be selected from each age group, and their stories will be featured on the GNN America home page.

If your child has a passion for writing, encourage him or her to become a contributing blogger on GNN America. Together, we can reach the lost and provide hope and inspiration to those in need of a lifted spirit.

We look forward to partaking in this journey with you and look forward to sharing your family’s stories of hope. Together, we CAN change the world – one story at a time.

How you can get involved:

Take a look at Lori’s site. After reading some articles and watching some videos, discuss with your child how he or she can be a world-changer. (Be sure to visit often because new content is added regularly!) If you have a child who enjoys writing, he or she may be interested in contributing to the GNN America blog or participating in the quarterly homeschool writing contest! If you would like more information or have questions, you can contact GNN America here.

Lori Bango

Born a second generation Arizona native, Lori is a follower of Jesus cleverly disguised as devoted wife, homeschool mom, worship leader, blogger and cancer survivor.  For nearly 20 years, she was immersed full time in Corporate America working in stressful project management, RFP, and technical writing roles.  After much prayer, the Lord faithfully granted her heart’s desire to homeschool six years ago.  In the spring of 2011, their world was turned upside down when Mommy was diagnosed with cancer. Now cancer free with a renewed focus, together their family created GNN America.  Her family desires to share good news and inspiration while encouraging children to become world changers.  Her website challenges homeschool children to live out an attitude of gratitude, seek out praiseworthy news, serve in the community, and share their stories to inspire others.

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