Decorative Vintage Christmas Tree Craft

I love decorating for Christmas and enjoying the magical glow that fills our home during this time of year.  For many homeschooling families, the holiday season is also a time when we engage in more-than-average creative alternatives to formal schooling like: reading books together, baking, and/or crafting! Today we’re bringing you an activity that will bring some extra to your home and provide you and your children with a fun craft to do together in preparation for Christmas. We hope you love this Decorative Vintage Christmas Tree Craft! The natural colors, lace, and sparkle in this DIY decoration has a classic, Victorian-inspired look that will really go with any kind of holiday decor. Once you’ve made them, store them carefully and re-use them again in years to come!

What You’ll Need:

1. Cardstock paper

2. Crochet lace

3. Burlap fabric

4. Beaded string

5. Craft wire

6. Natural-colored (brown, tan or white) felt

7. Pliers (if you plan to make your own star)

8. Hot glue/ hot glue gun

How to Make It:

To make this craft, you’re going to start out with a cone shape (you can either buy one that’s already made or make your own from cardstock), and then you’re going to decorate it with some beautiful, vintage-inspired details!

The Christmas Tree

If you’re making your own cone, it’s pretty simple. First, decide how big you want the Christmas tree to be. I think that making several trees in a wide variety of shapes actually looks the best! Next, you will cut out a quarter-circle shape from a piece of cardstock. Then simply roll this into a cone, and use a bit of glue to seal the shape into place.

Next, take the burlap fabric (or burlap ribbon) to wrap around the cardstock cone. Start wrapping the cone from the top point and slowly wind it around and down the cone until the entire shape has been covered. You may want to use a little bit of glue at various points in this process to make sure that the burlap is going to stay secure. Once it’s covered, let it dry!

The Decorative Elements

Now that you have a beautiful, natural-looking Christmas tree, it’s time to add a little bit of vintage sparkle! Feel free to use any of the ideas we offer here or expand upon them with some of your own. I personally love the look of the lace and pearls against the burlap, as well as the little bit of sparkle provided by some some golden sequins. Keep reading to learn more about how to make the decorative elements pictured!

To make the felt flowers, we simply took some natural-colored felt and cut out a spiral pattern. You can make flowers from a simple spiral if you like, or you can add some scallops to the spiral (as shown in the picture below) to create more elaborate felt flowers. I think it’d be pretty to do some of both!

Once you’ve cut out the spiral shapes, all you have to do is take the outer end of the spiral and roll it inwards (towards the center of the spiral). Once the spiral has been tightly rolled all the way to the center, you should have a pretty felt flower! Use some glue to secure the shape and hold it until it’s dry! Have fun making however many flowers  you want (in whatever colors you want, for that matter!)

You can see that our vintage Christmas trees also have a handmade star on top. If you’d like to make a star, it’s really easy! Simply use golden craft wire and needle nose pliers to shape it into a very simple star pattern. Alternatively, you can use a mini-ornament, star bead, or pretty bow for the top of your tree!

Once you’ve assembled your felt flowers, ribbons, pearls (and whatever else you’d like to use) go ahead and have fun decorating your tree! Carefully use the hot glue gun to attach the lace and felt flowers, then the pearls. Be creative and make it gorgeous! If you are making these as a family, think about how they will all look together and how you’d like to display them!

And just like on your real Christmas tree at home, add the star as the finishing touch on top!

We love how fun this Christmas craft is, and how beautifully it  turns out! Are you in crafting mode as part of your homeschool for December? Let us know if you plan to try this one!


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