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Homeschooling can steal your smile some times.  It’s hard to be super chipper sun up to sun down with all we moms have to do.  So, let’s celebrate that TODAY is National Smile Day!  What a perfect way to start your school year!  Here are a few ideas (perfect for the procrastinating mom) that you can try today!

1.  Make a Smile Snack


See Yummly.com for the recipe.

Look how cute these smiley apples are!  These are cheap, quick, and yummy.  I know my kids would love making these.

2.  Smiley Finger Friends


(Image Credit:  Bright Drops)

Need an art project but hate glue sticks and glitter?  Make these finger smiley guys and take them with you all day long!  It’s also perfect for all ages.  I know some of our teen homeschooling moms out there would love to get their kiddos to ‘smile’ for them.

3.  Make a ‘Smile’ Book


Thanks for this idea, Things to Remember!

Gather family photos, celebrities, cartoon characters, etc.  Create a fun smile book for your little ones–or try to use historical figures to challenge the older kids.  The possibilities are endless!  Don’t have time to make a book?  Just sit around the computer, Google people and cover up their upper faces with a paper to let your kids guess.

4.  ‘Take a Smile’


Idea From :  Brittany Herself

I love this idea I found on Pinterest!  So simple.  Create a ‘Take a Smile’ chart and hang it in the heart of your home.  The refrigerator would be a good spot!  Or maybe your school room!  This simple idea could really turn a frown upside-down for you or your kids!


5.  Google Smiles

Are you short on time, but want a fun activity?  Just type in ‘smiles’ on Pinterest or a Google image search. I promise you’ll see some cute babies, animals, and cartoon figures that will get your kiddos smiling and laughing.  Sometimes these small moments are just what we need to feel like homeschooling is all about family!


How do you get your homeschoolers to smile on a grumpy day?  Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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