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The Benefits of the New LetterSchool Cursive Writing App Go Beyond Writing!

LetterSchool makes handwriting cool! What is LetterSchool? It’s a new game/app that teaches children to write in cursive in a fun and effective way.


Why should you use the LetterSchool app to teach your children to write in cursive?

It’s fun to learn to write in cursive using LetterSchool! Children learn so much through playing, and LetterSchool allows them to do just that. And learning through play is a highly motivational way for children to learn to write in cursive. Children write letters and numbers with sparkling candy, squealing tires, cuddly animals, and whistling trains. They also experience a wide variety of games that capture their attention and keep them motivated to practice over and over again.

Writing in cursive stimulates the brain like nothing else! At a time when many schools are choosing not to teach cursive writing to their students, it’s important for parents to understand that cursive writing is a great way to stimulate our children’s brains! In fact, you might enjoy reading this article by Suzanne Baruch Asherson from the New York Times about these benefits.


LetterSchool has won many educational awards and is used worldwide in homes and classrooms. Because children enjoy learning to write with LetterSchool, many schools and homeschools have chosen to use LetterSchool. Not only do children learn to write, but they also learn counting, phonics, and more!

The LetterSchool app guides young children to practice each letter or number in a series of steps, combining different learning approaches. First, they play/practice each letter and number once. Then they play/practice each one again in a more challenging second level. By the last level, students put their acquired skills to the test by writing their own letters and numbers. This way, young learners are free to explore the world of letters and numbers in a fun and intuitive way!

Experts and parents love the cursive handwriting game LetterSchool. The app is already a top pick by Teachers with Apps and Smart Apps for Kids. And according to Geeks with Juniors, “Cursive Writing LetterSchool is definitely the best tracing app for your kids to learn how to write in cursive.”

You can download LetterSchool in the App Store by clicking here!



LetterSchool makes handwriting cool!
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V..

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