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Beauty and Makeup Unit Study

What is beauty?

As a Christian mom of three daughters, I feel it is my duty to teach my girls about biblical beauty and how to use makeup in a godly way.

We noticed that there really isn’t a unit study that does this well. And then I thought that many moms could use some help too.

HHM Beauty and Makeup Unit Study

So I created this Beauty and Makeup Unit Study.

This unit contains lessons about biblical beauty, inner beauty, outer beauty, recipes for natural skin care, makeup tips, lots of resources, and notebooking pages.

We live in a society where we are bombarded by over-sexualized imagery of women and girls. Even in the Christian community, I worry about girls who seem to not know any better than to dress provocatively. I know it’s hard not to compromise worldview when it comes to appearances. We walk a fine line of fashion and desire to be modest yet attractive and hip – without being frumpy.

If we don’t intentionally teach them a better way, then society will envelop our girls and they will be of the world, instead of lights for Jesus in the world.

Do your girls idolize the newest fashion trend or seek to possess biblical beauty?

I have always taught my girls to be independent and strong. I want them to seek Jesus above all else. I certainly don’t want them to ever be a simpering fool after some boy like the magazines and teen novels teach that girls should be. I stress how important their inner beauty is, and that we must focus on heart training and education. I am so pleased with all their various interests and how they’re maturing in their faith walks.

I think of all the time I wasted as a teen over hair, makeup, and clothes…

I am so thankful 1. that that’s all over, lol! and 2. my daughters are not interested in impressing boys with their appearances.

My eldest daughter is thirteen and not quite into makeup yet, and I’m thankful that she doesn’t think appearance is all important. She is struggling in relationships with her peers who are only interested in what she calls “teen stuff.” Her interests lie in loftier pursuits and I am really quite proud.

I’m still overwhelmed by all the makeup choices in stores and online. Brands, colors, shades, textures, waterproof, all-day stay-on power. The choices are endless. And if I’m overwhelmed after skincare and makeup use for 25+ years and countless magazine and online tutorials as well as personal experiments…I can only imagine how difficult it must be to embark on this journey for girls with no experience.

Browsing the makeup aisles at a local store showed me more than a dozen drugstore brands and about a half dozen “professional” brands of makeup. Online, there are surely hundreds. Each brand has numerous choices for lips, eyes, cheeks, and foundations for almost every skin color and type. It’s easy for makeup to become an idol when you have to put so much effort into it to know what you’re doing.

Balance is everything.

Inner and outer beauty. My mama used to tell me I was ugly when I showed bad behavior. No one wants to be ugly – in or out!

This Beauty and Makeup Unit Study is perfect for tweens, teens, mothers, and teachers of girls.

I hope it blesses mamas and daughters.

Click to download this Beauty and Makeup Unit Study!

If you’d like to share this free unit study with someone else, please share the link to this article so she can download her own copy. Thank you so much! ~The HHM Team

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  1. I am the mother of a 1st grader. She is my (Lonely) only. I rarely wear make-up (or nail-polish), but my little one has become fascinated by these outer additions she sees girls and women around her using in the name of beauty. I can’t wait to look through these this unit to see how I may adapt its use for our needs. Thank you for creating and sharing this.

  2. I have an incoming freshman – would you consider this a semester long course? Just getting started with credits etc (Texas)

    1. It depends on the number of hours your student spends on the unit. You’ll need to find out how many hours a semester-long course needs to be. If I remember correctly (You should double-check to be sure.), your student will need to spend a minimum of 3 hours a week on a course for a semester to earn one credit.

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