What We Believe Series

There are 4 books in the series:

Volume 1:  Who Is God? And How Can I Really Know Him?

Teach your elementary students how to use Scripture to view the world from God’s perspective with this engaging curriculum. As they learn the basics of the Christian faith—about who God is, who we are, sin, redemption, and more—they’ll be equipped to discern the truth among competing cultural messages and stand strong for what they believe!

Volume 2:  Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here?

What gives a person value? What provides purpose for a life? Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here? helps children understand what it means to be made in the image of God. This is the second volume in Apologia’s What we Believe Worldview series.

Volume 3:  Who Is My Neighbor?

Volume 3 in Apologia’s What We Believe series, Who is My Neighbor? And Why Does He Need Me? helps children understand how to live as Christians who are salt and light in the world, in their country, in their family, and in their lives wherever they go.

Volume 4:  What On Earth Can I Do?

Volume 4 in Apologia’s What We Believe series, What on Earth Can I Do looks at what being a good and faithful servant means to your kids. Designed around a notebooking concept, this study provides opportunities for your children to ponder who God is, the talents they’ve been given, how to use them for his glory, and more. Each lesson includes a main topic, learning objectives, short story, thought-provoking questions, vocabulary, and more.

Ages 6 to 14.

Apologia Advanced Physics in Creation

Equal to one year of university physics course, this is advanced placement physics for the high school student who wishes to either major in a science-related field, or is intensely interested in the scientific realm of Physics!

This course provides detailed descriptions of kinematics, dynamics, rotational motion, gravity, oscillations, waves, optics, thermal physics, electrical forces, electrical potential, DC circuits, magnetic forces, atomic physics, and nuclear physics. Lessons are retained through “On your own” activities, charts illustrating concepts, examples, lab exercises, tests and more.

Prerequisites: One year of high school physics and a trigonometry course.

Apologia Advanced Chemistry in Creation

Deepen your understanding of Chemistry with Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Advanced Chemistry, 2nd Edition. This rigorous course covers stoichiometry (with limiting reactants), thermodynamics, kinetics, acids and bases, redox reactions, solutions, atomic structure, orbital hybridization, molecular orbitals, molecular geometry, chemical equilibrium, and nuclear chemistry. An introduction to organic chemistry is also included, focusing on the major functional groups, organic nomenclature, and polymer chemistry.

28 hours of lab exercises are provided, including the rate of an iodine clock reaction, distillation, chromatography, the common ion effect, measuring pH changes in a buffer, the electrolysis of copper sulfate, polymerization experiments, and the hydrolysis of sucrose. When a student has finished this course (designed to be taken after a college-prep course), he or she will be prepared to take an AP or CLEP exam.

Color illustrations help keep concepts clear, while study questions, laboratory exercises, module study guides, and extra practice problems ensure that concepts are properly understood, and may be practically applied.

Prerequisites: Algebra II and a Chemistry college preparatory course such as Exploring Creation with Chemistry.

Apologia Exploring Creation with Marine Biology

Dive into this comprehensive curriculum and get an up-close look at peculiar creatures and exotic environments that exist in the wonderful world below the surface of Earth’s ocean! Sixteen modules cover marine vertebrates and invertebrates, intertidal zones, estuary communities, coral reefs, continental shelf communities, deep ocean habitats, and more. Hands-on experiments require microscope and dissection equipment. Includes a 190-page test/solutions book. 462 pages, hardcover. This course is designed for high school seniors or for students whose parents feel that they are sufficiently prepared for the demands of this advanced course.

Apologia Advanced Biology in Creation

Updated with new textual material, beautiful illustrations, and a greater emphasis on connecting creation to the Creator! Designed to prepare older high school students for the Advanced Placement (AP) or College Level Examination (CLEP) tests, this fully revised curriculum is intended for teens who have successfully completed high school biology and chemistry. Sixteen modules cover human anatomy and physiology, including the skeletal, nervous, endocrine, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, and reproductive systems. Student text includes study questions, laboratory exercises, and illustrated module study guides. Solutions-and-tests manual includes exams and answer key. 588-page hardcover and 121-page softcover, from Apologia.

Apologia Exploring Creation with Physics

A curriculum in motion tends to stay in motion—and Dr. Wile’s award-winning physics course just keeps getting better! Offering outstanding college-prep instruction, it now features color illustrations, 50% more experiments, expanded discussions of light and optics, extra practice problems, and direction to online resources. Covers vector analysis, Newton’s laws, work and energy, waves, magnetism, electrodynamics, and more! Trigonometry and chemistry are recommended prerequisites. Includes a 334-page softcover test/solutions book. Approx. 575 pages, hardcover.This course is designed for high school juniors/Grade 11.

Exploring Creation with Chemistry

The award-winning chemistry course that took the homeschool community by storm is now even better! Featuring Dr. Wile’s easy-to-understand explanations—revised for extra clarity—this Christ-centered modular course offers a rigorous foundation in high-school/college-prep chemistry. The colorful, user-friendly text is designed specifically for home learners and employs experiments using only readily available chemicals and equipment. Completion of Algebra 1 is a prerequisite. Includes a 272-page test/solutions book. 603 pages, hardcover. This course is designed for sophomores in high school/Grade 10.

Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology

Designed as the first high school-level science study a homeschooler takes, this edition of Dr. Wile’s biology curriculum includes more color illustrations; clarified explanations; easier experiments; and a website with links to extra helps. Sixteen modules cover cell life, genetics, creation science as an alternative to evolution, ecology, insects, plants, reptiles, mammals, and more. Includes a 200-page test/solutions book. 594 pages, hardcover. For 9th grade students.

Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science

In this study of Physical Science, you’ll be introduced to the stunning world you live in, as well as the universe around it. From the composition of air to icebergs to astrophysics, you will recieve thorough lessons in each element of the physical world. Sixteen modules are included, that are designed to be completed in a total of 32 weeks time, though the course can be adjusted to your own needs. “On your own” questions throughout the text are designed to help cement concepts, while “Study Guide” questions prepare for tests. All information that must be memorized is centered and in bold text, and all definitions and important terms are also bolded. Experiments using only household equipment, graphics, illustrations, charts and other visual representation of various concepts are also included for maximum clarity. Topics include the atmosphere; hydrosphere; weather; structure of Earth; environmentalism; physics of motion; Newton’s laws; gravity; and astrophysics. 510 pages, hardcover. Grade 8, but may be used with younger/older students as parents decide.

Apologia Exploring Creation with General Science

Designed to be a student’s first systematic introduction to the sciences, Exploring Creation with General Science, 2nd Ed. explores topics such as the scientific method, designing experiments, simple machines, geology, archaeology, biology, anatomy and other disciplines, providing a wide range of scientific exposure. Hands-on experiments are included throughout, giving students practical experience as they discover the principles behind the science! Looking at the world from a creationist position, topics are all presented with an eye towards God’s role in everyday life.

This second edition includes updates on relevant topics as well as stylistic changes. The primary function of the appendix (discovered in 2006) has now been included, as have higher-quality drawings and more colorful illustrations. Online resources for advanced students and a review appendix have also been included in this 2nd edition. This kit contains both the student textbook and test/answer key booklet. Grade 7, but may be used with younger/older students as parents see fit.

Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics

Discover the foundational elements of the universe and the building blocks of creation withExploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics! Study how the universe functions through this exploration of matter and energy; lessons cover atoms and molecules, pH levels, types of mixtures, mechanics, laws of motion, dynamics of motion, energy, waves, light, machines, magnets, and more. Filled with bright photographs, fun “Try This!” experiments, and integrated narration questions, this Charlotte-Mason inspired guide to physics and chemistry will keep kids interested and engaged. Experiments, notebooking activities, “what do you remember?” narration questions, projects, and experiments help to reinforce concepts. 279 pages, hardcover. Index and answers to the narrative questions are included, as well as a supply list.  Scriptures taken from the NIV, NASB, and ESV. Elementary Grades; Grades 1-6. May be completed in one semester or one year depending on the desired schedule.

Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology

All creation is awe-inspiring, but the work of the human body, created in the very image of God, is especially jaw-dropping! This study of anatomy and physiology showcases the intricacy and design of the human body, from DNA and cell creation to the skeletal, muscular, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous/endocrine, immune, and intergumentary systems. Integrated with health and nutrition information, as well as plenty of scripture and biblical application, this complete guide to the human body is written in an enjoyable, conversational tone that will keep kids engaged. Experiments, notebooking assignments, narration, and a “personal person project” provide interaction with concepts outside of reading, and help to solidify understanding. 265 pages, hardcover. Index and answers to the narrative questions are included.