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So, today is the day… the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. History is being made today. First, before I go one step further, I would like to ask everyone to say a prayer. There is so much animosity and anger today that I just pray that cool heads and warm hearts prevail in all circumstances. I pray that we all realize we fight not against each other but against the enemy himself who comes to divide, steal, and kill. Rob of us of our humanity. Of our love. Of our compassion. Of our reason. Of our joy. So please, no hating on each other today. I don’t care if you are marching or celebrating, we will not spew hate. Period. You are all sisters in my book. We are on this mama-path together and I refuse to be a source of hurt and pain to my sisters. Even if I don’t agree with you… I will not tear you down for your choices. Please show me the same kindness and compassion!!


So even if you didn’t vote for Donald Trump, he is about to be sworn in as the 45th president at Noon Eastern time. Let’s look at a timeline of his day.

January 20

  • Mr Trump will attend a morning church service at St John’s Episcopal Church, which is close to the White House
  • Mr Trump and Melania (his wife) will have morning coffee with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.
  • After coffee, both couples will take a motorcade to the Capitol.
  • 9:30am Eastern The first Inauguration ceremony begins with musical performances.
  • 11:30am Eastern We will hear the opening remarks which will be followed by the Supreme Court Justice will swear in Mr Pence
  • Noon Eastern Mr Trump will recite the oath of office, administered by Chief Justice Roberts.
  • President Trump will then deliver his inaugural address (Be sure to have your bingo cards printed and your bingo markers ready to go.
  • 3pm – 5pm Eastern President Trump and Vice-President Pence will join a 1.5 mile parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. This is where both supporters and protesters are likely to be.
  • 7pm – 11pm Eastern  President Trump, Vice-President Pence and their wives will attend three official inaugural balls

January 21


Inauguration Virtual Tour


Youtube will be streaming the inauguration live tomorrow… so if you don’t want to risk the comments on Youtube or anywhere else, just watch here on our site!!

Youtube Live Stream of the Inauguration

Lessons and Activities for your homeschool

Bingo cards to encourage students (and parents) to listen K-99

Write a letter to the President! K-8th grade

Compare Inauguration Addresses Middle – High School (6 – 12th grades) Former Inaugural Addresses on Youtube

Inauguration and the Media Middle – High School (6 – 12th grades)

Track President Trump’s first 100 days based on his Contract with the American voter All

Learn about Presidential Inaugurations and how they have changed over the years Grades 3-5

Learn what the most used words have been in each Inaugural Address. (Will be fascinating to see what Trump’s are) 4 – 12th grades

Study the Inauguration through the Inaugural Balls and Fashion! 5- 8th grades

Inauguration Day Lapbook 

Official USA.gov Website for Inauguration Day 2017

Inaugural Quiz

Random Fun Historical Facts about Inaugurations

Missing Letters Worksheet 

Connect the Dots Worksheet

Acrostic Poem Worksheet

Design your own Coin if you were President Worksheet

If I were President Notebooking pages








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    1. You are so welcome Megan!! I’m excited to see so many families wanting to use the inauguration as a lesson in history! So I really wanted to help them locate free resources!!

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