Ideas, Resources, and Activities About Dinosaurs

Today’s ideas, resources, and activities are all about dinosaurs! So many children love dinosaurs, and these resources and ideas will help you make the most of that interest. We’ve divided everything into categories to make it easier for you to find what you need. You’ll find arts & crafts, math, language arts, science, unit studies & printables, sensory & fine motor, and a few miscellaneous fun things at the very bottom of the post.

So be sure to take a look at each category and grab what you like. We hope you and your children enjoy these freebies and activities about dinosaurs!

Arts & Crafts:

Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Crafts

My kitchen table turned into our very own mini Jurassic Park this week when my kids went nuts over these Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Crafts.


D is for Dinosaur {Free Printables Too!}

This is an easy dinosaur craft for kids who love dinosaurs!


Easy Dinosaur Craft for Toddlers

After reading some of our favorite dinosaur books we made this sparkly dinosaur craft.


Hattifant’s Peekaboo Dinosaur Family

Fun dinosaurs to cut out, tape together, and play with!

Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Dinosaurs rock right? Quickly sharpen the coloring pens and print these dinosaur coloring pages!
Coloring pages are a great way to relive stress both for little ones and ourselves!

Clothespin Dinosaur Craft

Clothespins make perfect chomping jaws for this fun dinosaur craft.

Paper Plate Triceratops

I hope you love our paper plate triceratops as much as us!

Paper Plate Dinosaur

These paper plate dinosaurs are a consequence of the dino mania that has taken hold of my kids and we had a great time making them, improving the paper plate triceratops we made last year.

Mini Dinosaurs in a Jar Craft + Pet Dinosaur Books

There are quite a few pet dinosaur books you can read with your kids! Read on to hear about them and to see how you can make your own mini dinosaur in a jar pet craft.



Printable Dinosaur Shape MatchThese Montessori-inspired Printable Dinosaur Shape Match for kids will please any Dino lover!


Printable Dinosaur Addition GameThis dinosaur addition game is sure to be a roaring success at your home & in your classrooms!


Fun Dinosaur Graphing Activity for Preschoolers

Looking for a fun way to introduce math to your preschooler? In this post, we are sharing a fun dinosaur graphing activity that makes learning easy with play-based activities.


Don’t Eat Pete Number Recognition

I created thi Number Recognition Don’t Eat Pete. It has all the fun of the original game (Multiplication and Division Don’t Eat Pete), but it’s at the learning level perfect for preschool and kindergarten.


Colors and Shapes Preschool Math Game

If you are looking for a way to give your kids an early start with learning and recognizing colors and shapes, Don’t Eat Pete, Shapes and Colors is perfect for kids five and under.


Language Arts:

Dinosaur Activities: Beginning Sound Fossil Matching

This activity helps children work on beginning sounds using fossils of different items that begin with these sounds.

Printable Dinosaur Alphabet Sequencing Puzzle

Looking for a fun and hands-on way to teach letters and their sounds? Then this Printable Dinosaur Alphabet Sequencing Puzzle for uppercase and lowercase is what you need!


Preschool Dinosaur Songs & Preschool Dinosaur Action Rhymes

Our favorite preschool songs have great actions, fun rhymes, and tie into our themes! These dinosaur songs are perfect for singing with one or two kids or for a big group’s circle or singing time! Action rhymes for kids get your preschoolers moving, exercising, and rhyming all at the same time!


Create a Dinosaur Pop-Up Card

This is a fun design for a pop-up card that we’ve used a few times now for friends’ birthdays. We like to call it a “dinosaur” but with a few changes in color it could also be a monster!


Printable Dinosaur Bookmarks

We have another treat for all the book (and bookmark) lovers to share with you today – snatch these fierce printable dinosaur bookmarks – they will keep your reading progress in check.


Dinosaur Books

This week we have a second list of dinosaur books for all the dinosaur lovers out there. Our first list focused on nonfiction Dinosaur Books and is a great list for learning about dinosaurs. This list includes silly, funny and sweet stories about dinosaurs.



D is for {Fizzing} Dinosaur Claw!

This fizzing dinosaur claw activity is perfect for your dinosaur-loving and your fizzy-explosion-loving preschoolers! Use it on a rainy day or even a hot afternoon when your kiddos need a calmer activity!


Homemade Dinosaur Bones

These homemade dinosaur bones were easy to make and are proving to have more than one way to use them.


Coffee Ground Fossils

If you or your kids love the idea of digging up the past, this is a craft for you! With these coffee ground fossils, your kids can pretend they were on a real life dinosaur excavation!

Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

Salt dough dinosaur fossils are easy to make and will get any little dinosaur fan excited.

DIY Dinosaur Eggs: Hunt & Hatch

Join our dinosaur egg hunt. It can be done any time of the year, and the fun only begins when the eggs are found, because they still need to be hatched!

Camouflaged Dinosaurs in Autumn Leaves

After making a collection of Autumn leaves we had fun hiding toy dinosaurs and talking about how they were camouflaged in the leaves. Toddlers and preschoolers will love this simple hands on learning activity.

Digging for Dinosaurs — Learning about Famous Dinosaur Scientists

Since many kids are crazy about dinosaurs, I wanted to share some wonderful resources that will encourage them to continue their curiosity and possibly one day make an amazing discover of their own!


5 Ways to Make Your Own Dinosaur Fossil Dig

Try these fun ideas for creating your own fossil dig kit and excavation activity at home!


Nonfiction Dinosaur Books

For dinosaur fans of all ages, we have created a list of nonfiction books that are a perfect pairing with the movie “The Littlest Dinosaur.” Before and after watching the movie the books below can help your little dinosaur fan learn more about these amazing creatures


Unit Studies & Printables:

Free Printable Dinosaur Activities for Kids

Here are many printable games for kids, but let me tell you: this is the best and most fun printable game for kids because it is dinosaur-themed!

Dinosaur Printables for Preschool

These dinosaur printables for preschool and kindergarten are super fun and I bet kids are going to go crazy about them!


Sensory & Fine Motor:

Dinosaur Play Dough

We started by reading Dinosaur Galore! by Giles Andreae. Then we made our sand play dough together and created an area for play dough play.


Dinosaurs Preschool Cutting Practice

These Funny Dinosaurs, Preschool Cutting Practice Worksheets will help your Toddler, Preschool, and Kindergarten children work on dexterity, scissor skills, and fine motor skills.


Dinosaur Small World with Cloud Dough

Let kids have fun creating and playing with a dinosaur small world in a box. Add a sensory element to your child’s play by adding cloud dough.


Dinosaur Sensory Bin {Poppins Book Nook}

This is a sensory bin created to go along with the dinosaur activities we’re doing this month.


Dinosaur Small World

Have fun playing in a dinosaur swamp! Small kids will love this messy dinosaur small world.

Dinosaur Dot to Dot

Lets count with these free printable dinosaur dot to dots.

Dinosaur Tracing Coloring Pages

These dinosaur tracing coloring pages are a great pre writing practice and super fun too!

Jump & Wash! A Simple Dinosaur Sensory Play Idea

Read on for top tips to get the most out of this play session and how you can switch things up so the fun never has to end!

Invitation to Create a Mini Dinosaur World

We hope you and your children love this mini dinosaur world activity idea!

Imaginative Play: Dinosaur Small World

I really like setting up small worlds. Small world play nurtures the imagination, encourages creativity, and provides children the opportunity to re-live and process different experiences in their lives.

Dinosaur Swamp Sensory Bin Activity

This is great for sensory play for little ones who love dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Egg Sensory Play

A fun sensory experience using Delta Sand and plastic eggs along with dinosaurs!


Dinosaur Play Dough KitWe love play dough kits, so we usually keep a few on hand, switching out the doughs and themes each season. This dinosaur themed kit is so much fun!
Printable Dinosaur Pom Pom MatsMost child experts agree that young children learn best through play, and these printable pom pom mats are a great way to play and learn!


Miscellaneous Fun Stuff:

Dinosaur Hobby Horse: DIY Project

Tutorial for making a dinosaur hobby horse for little ones!

Easiest DIY No Sew Dinosaur Costume for KidsWe love pretend play and when we were studying about dinosaurs as part of her science project, Lil P wanted to be a dinosaur too. This is an easy costume to help jump-start your child’s imagination!


Let’s Make a Dinosaur Tail!

I’ve got a treat for you today! This is an easy afternoon project even a novice sewist can make. It’s for a pretend play dinosaur tail for your preschooler or toddler!


How to Make a Mini Dinosaur Travel Tin

Have a look at how we put together our little mini dinosaur travel tin and get inspired to create your own!

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    1. All of the resources we share (that are called “free” resources) are free at the time the article is published, but of course we have no way of ensuring that they remain free forever. It may be the same with other free resources that you find other places. They were probably free to begin with. Hopefully you can find some free resources that meet your needs!

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