5 Benefits of Being a Homeschool Family

5 Benefits of Being a Homeschool Family

As the school year is winding down, many mothers I know who have children in public school are coming to me and asking me one question, “What are the benefits of being a homeschool family?” Most of them are asking me this out of frustration and disappointment in their child’s school. Others have young children and are curious about how homeschooling works. Either way, this is a question that many of those who are interested in homeschooling ask. So I thought I would write down my thoughts about 5 benefits our family experiences from being a homeschool family.

As we all know, time stops for no one. Once a second has passed, it is gone forever. This is something that both my husband and I value immensely. We are grateful on a daily basis for the time that we have with our children at home and know that this is something that we could never get back if they were spending several hours a day at school.

Breaking Bread
I absolutely love the fact that I am able to read the Bible and prepare meals for my children every single day. There is nothing like eating the bread of life together (reading and studying the Bible) and sharing home cooked meals together on a daily basis. This is something I would not be able to do if my babies were in school.

As you all know, prayer was deemed unlawful in our public schools in the early 1960’s. Prayer is a lifestyle for our family and if my children were not able to pray throughout the day it would devastate them. Children are so free and untainted and I love that they are able to foster their love of prayer (intimate communication with Jesus) when we schooling and beyond. Such a blessing that my children have the liberty to pray all the time.

Teaching to the Learner
A major benefit to homeschooling is being able to teach each child according to their own learning style, interests, and needs. This alone has saved us an immeasurable amount of time over the years, thus giving us more time to enjoy life and family. Again, this is something that would not be possible in a public school system due to the overcrowding of classrooms and the lack of continuity in their education due to being shifted around from teacher to teacher each year.

Now that summer break is upon us, I am once again reminded that we are able to travel amidst the “off” season. I love the flexibility this gives us in making arrangements for travel – avoiding crowds and saving money by booking our vacations during off peak times. This is another major benefit of being a homeschool family.

This is just a small drop in the bucket when it comes to all the benefits of being a homeschool family. The simple fact that you are able to be home with your children is the greatest blessing in itself. I hope that this post will give those of you looking into homeschooling some insight into some of the major benefits our family receives while walking together in our homeschool journey.

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    1. Caren,
      Thanks for reading 🙂 Aren’t we just so blessed to homeschool? I believe the benefits far outweigh any of the costs and thank God for this opportunity every day. Blessings!

  1. Needed to read this, I totally agree with it, it is always good to be reminded of great advantages! Thanks for writing this!

  2. Thanks for your thoughts. I am kind of at a breaking point – about to give up homeschooling my boys. They don’t work for me. But a couple of things you said really rang true in my heart. It makes me think of a great friend who is teaching for her first year and is so disappointed in the school system. Sometimes we just have to take a step back and remember what it is we are hoping to accomplish.

    1. Mindy,
      I have been praying for you. I agree, that at times when it gets tough, refocusing and re-evaluating why we homeschool in the first place is so very crucial. I wish you and your boys nothing but the best!

  3. A good thing for my family and homeschooling is that it fits with the rhythm of life. We have moved several times and while life was pretty crazy, we did not quit schooling, have to worry about the schools in our district. I just recently had a snarky comment from a PS teacher, the jist of it was, you can homeschool till about third grade then your not smart enough to do it. If that is not one of the joys of homeschooling, I’m not sure what is. Not having to deal with snarky teachers! Whew!

  4. Thanks for posting this! My husband and I just welcomed our first precious child a 5 weeks ago. As a public school teacher I am so concerend about my children attending public school! (I have 19 kids in my class this year and I know how hard it is to make sure each child gets the attention and teaching they deserve!) I’m really considering homeschooling my children (when the time comes) if I can’t find a job teaching at a private Christian school!

  5. Mom’s really need a lot of encouragement to keep on with their God given task of training up a child in the way they should go. My wife can get overwhelmed. We have home educated our four children since my high school junior entered kindergarten. Don’t regret it one bit. I can’t imagine losing all that time with them. Especially since while they would have been away, they would have had their beliefs undermined by the government school system. We really do need to keep our eye on the prize and not on the day to day challenges. In the end, we are rearing future citizens of heaven, not earthly geniuses.
    Thanks for being an encouragement and thanks to your husband for serving our nation.

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