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Dear Homeschool Mom: We Need Each Other

Dear Homeschool Mom,

We Need Each Other!

I imagine, if we were in person and I was telling you this, I’d stand there in front of you, waving like Napoleon Dynamite, all “Hi, it’s me! I’m OK! But sometimes? I’m also kinda not!”

And then I’d moonwalk out of there.

Or maybe do a little snap-action, like when Ross was making fajitas and was, “FINE!”

Which are the only natural exit options when you’re in the delirium-limbo of the year-that-shall-not-be-named.

moms drinking tea together

I’m Grateful

I’m grateful, though. I am.

I have a husband who’s still able to work and kids whose transition was, all things considered, fairly minimal since we’re already homeschoolers with food on the table and a few rolls of toilet paper in the cabinet.

But Sometimes I Struggle

But I also have a case of the wanderlust something fierce, in a state where so much is shut down. So, occasionally, anxiety sashays in behind another, “Sorry! We’re closed!” sign and I have to get pretty aggressive in reminding myself that it could be worse.

I mean, we have our health, right?

A paycheck?

Friends who check in on us?

A roof over our heads?

But, that’s not all it takes to sustain a human’s heart right now, is it?

What We Need to Survive

Speaking virtually in many cases, we need connection. We need acknowledgment. We need a sense of normalcy. We need the friendship and support of other moms who understand what we’re going through. 

And, ranking pretty high on the list (in my very humble opinion) is that we need to stop quantifying difficulties.

For the mama who’s struggling with another day of much work and little play.

For the mama grateful to be home with her babies yet is yearning for one solo hour to explore an uninterrupted thought.

For the mama who’s battling depression and/or anxiety.

For the mama who’s working as much as she can to keep the roof over their heads but is feeling the guilt of not being at home.

And for the mamas in countless other scenarios:

Your struggle is not lessened by someone who “has it worse.”

You matter, too.

It’s OK that you feel, too. It’s OK to hope, to want, to think space should be held for you to acknowledge your struggle. You have a reasonable right to expect consideration on the subjective topic of difficulty. No two people’s criteria for pain or anguish are the same.

You’re a human on the planet. Please hear me: you and your struggle matter.

Nothing about this year has been normal. And admitting that you’ve been left with some battle wounds is not a weakness.

It’s Ok to Admit It

It’s normal to love those babies with your entire being but also to need a break just to be you.

It’s normal to mourn canceled events and what could’ve been.

It’s normal to experience anxiety over what may come out of the 2021 (or 2022) chute next.

But, please don’t feel less than. You’re a beautiful soul navigating a wild year, and you’re entitled to a little apprehension.

But Also Remember…

You’re entitled to a circle that supports you, rain or shine. 

You need other moms.

You’re entitled to taking a break from being the strong friend, the supports-everyone-else friend, the always-makes-a-way friend.

It’s ok to lean on another mom sometimes. Let her be there for you

This is the personification of love.

And you’re entitled to it.

P.S. – We know we can’t physically be there for each and every mom who needs a friend or needs support, but we have an online Facebook community where you can make friends, ask questions, and get homeschool and real-life support! We truly hope you’ll take a look and join the group if you need friends or homeschool support–or even if you just want to virtually meet other like-minded moms and enjoy some great information and conversations!

It’s a private group, so please apply to by clicking this link to our Hip Homeschool Moms Facebook Community. (Be sure to answer the questions in the application so we can approve your request.)

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