We Choose Virtues Review

I was excited to try out the We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit with our two girls ages 6 and 3. I have seen this product online and mentioned on various blogs so I wanted to see how it would fit in with our daily activities.

What is included in the Homeschool Kit?

Reusable tools:

  • Parenting cards
  • Virtue Flash Cards
  • Kids Virtue Poster
  • The Three Rules Poster
  • The Kids of VirtueVille Mini Posters

Consumable tools:

  • 100 days of Virtue Chart and Butterfly Stickers
  • 25 ct. pad Virtue User Reviews

Downloadable/reproducible PDF tools:

  • Teacher’s Handbook
  • Butterfly Awards
  • Family Character Assessment
  • Kids of VirtueVille Coloring Pages

It’s so easy to spend each day focusing on the things our children do wrong and I think this program offers a chance to teach our kids the 12 virtues in a relaxed and fun way. The presentation of this program is adorable! The characters that help the children remember their virtues are cute and their names and catch phrases can easily be recalled by even our youngest child.

The program is easy to use and can be fit into even the busiest of schedules because you can point out a virtue in your daily life – from real life to books and movies. You can also do these in any order you choose and we started with the ones I thought were big issues for my children. The program also encourages the parents to acknowledge their need to make the virtues a part of life also.

At the start of each new virtue I would go through the parent card with the girls and then repeat the catch phrase for the virtue four or five times. Then as we went about our day I would point out when someone was doing a good job of using the virtue and when we needed to try harder. When they did a great job on a particular virtue for an entire day, then they earned a butterfly sticker to cover up one of the caterpillars on the 100 Days of Virtue Chart. We spent five days working on each virtue and I also reminded our girls of the past ones as needed. We placed the mini poster on our refrigerator and our Kids Virtue Poster on a hutch in our kitchen so we could see them each day. It made it easy to stop and point out the virtue and catch phrase as we went about our day.

Overall I think the content and program are great and effective to use with small children. I liked the Bible Verses that coordinated to each virtue and my kids now walk around using the language from the program. For example, “Be like Penny Jenny, she doesn’t give up. Be like Oboe Joe, he obeyed his mommy.”

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