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Montessori Number Rods Presentation {Free Printable}

Do you love Montessori or have you been curious about it? Have you been wanting to look into it because it sounds interesting or have you never heard of it before? Well, I think you will enjoy this post very much, whether you are new to the Montessori Method or if you’re a newbie.

In this post, we will show you a presentation on how to do a fun and easy Montessori Math Presentation with your child using the Montessori Number Rods. You can try the free printable set to see how your child likes the activity before you buy the actual set. This activity is for children in the 3-6 age range.Montessori Number Rods Presentation {Free Printable}

Montessori Number Rods Setup

{Picture 1 below} Look at the picture below. This is what the number rods box looks like. It comes with two sets. This is the Montessori Number Rods small box, by the way. There is a large box, too. There are ten rods in the box, going from one all the way to ten sections. Each section alternates between red and blue. Also, there are ten red tiles with the numbers one through ten on each.

{Picture 2} The child will begin with unrolling a 3×5 mat on the floor and placing the Montessori Number Rods box on the rug. Next, she will take the lid off the box and placing it under the box. Then she takes the number rods out of the box as well as the red number tiles.

{Picture 3} The child will then place the red tiles in the correct order. Now, we are ready to start.Montessori Number Rods Presentation {Free Printable}

Montessori Number Rods Presentation

{Picture 1 below} The child will begin by looking at the number rods and finding the rod that has one red section and places it toward the bottom of the mat. Next, she finds the rod with two sections and places it above the number rod with one section.

Note on control of error: Always match the colors on the number rods. Red always starts the rod alignment on the left. Always align red with red and blue with blue.

{Picture 2} The child will continue counting the sections on each number rod places the number rods above each other in the right order until placing all ten.

{Picture 3} Lastly, the child will take the red tile with the number one (1) on it and place it below the number rod with one section. Next, the 2 tile will go below the row with two sections. Continue like this until all ten tiles are in the correct place. The tiles fit perfectly on the 1-inch space at the end of each number rod.Montessori Number Rods Presentation {Free Printable}

The Presentation then end with the child returning the number rods and the number tiles in the box, closing the lid and returning this work to the correct place on the shelf and proceeding to roll up the mat and putting it away.

The Presentation is done by the teacher with the child using as few words as necessary and showing more than talking. After that, the teacher can supervise as the child does it the next couple of times, but after that, the child can do it all, beginning to end, alone.Montessori Number Rods Presentation {Free Printable}

What do you say? Do you want to get this free printable and try it with your child? Click on the image below to get your free printable set of number rods. I suggest that you print on white cardstock using a color printer. You could think about laminating the set for more durability using a thermal laminator. Or if you want to go all out, then you can buy the Montessori Number Rods box set!Montessori Number Rods Presentation {Free Printable}

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  • Why are there two sets of rods in the small box but only one set of numbers? What do you do with the second set? Thank you!