TruthQuest History Renaissance and Reformation

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TruthQuest History Renaissance Reformation

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TruthQuest History puts God back at the center of the past. Centered on "living books," this creative approach to history integrates elements of both Charlotte Mason and Classical methods. Short, very informal introductions are written directly to the student and open up each topic with a distinctly Christian perspective. Suggestions for activities or writing exercises are often included as well. The booklists follow, with selected annotations on what pages or sections to read and appropriate grade levels for each entry. Incredibly flexible in nature, families can proceed at the pace that's best for their students as they select "spines," biographies, in-print books, and out-of-print classics from the extensive lists.

Proceeding chronologically, entries include lists for the Fall of Constantinople, War of the Roses, Christopher Columbus, Queen Elizabeth, El Greco, Johannes Kepler, Roanoke Colony, and other relevant unit-study topics.

Grades 5-12; may be adapted for younger siblings. 115 pages, softcover, spiral-bound.

Full resource list is included at the back of the book.

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Love Truthquest guides commentary and depth. However, if you want something that is going to tell you which resources to use/read and when, then this is NOT the curriculum for you. It took me a while to plunge into using these guides. We have enjoyed it, but I often feel that I may be missing important parts of history since my education was greatly lacking in this subject.
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great commentary, Biblical worldview
not an open & teach curriculum
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yes with a caveat
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