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History's Masterminds is a blueprint and overview from 3500 BC to AD 2010 for the middle school student. A unit style study with flexible lesson plans that lets you explore the unfolding of our world through the eyes of historical personalities as you research the people who made history. Map the world with the explorers, visit the seen and unseen with the scientists and inventors. Woven throughout are the Language art assignments and references for IEW writing structure and styles. Your scholar will create their own textbooks, timeline and see how transportation and communications has linked us into one. Set includes the Student Assignment Book & Student Pack, Teacher's Keys and Map Keys download.

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We are just finishing up this curriculum and we absolutely LOVE it! My boys love not having a text book and are able to research aspects of history that interest them within the subject area. They love doing the research and having a guide of what to dig for. I love how much they are learning! They are no longer unexcited about a historical topic or unable to remember basic facts because they are engaged. There is a huge difference in passive and active learning.... and it shows in their retention. If your children are not retaining history, try this curriculum! It is amazing!
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