Age of Revolution

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This comprehensive modern history cover both U.S. and World History side by side.  Whereas the majority of history studies end with World War II and study U.S. and World History separately, TRISMS combines them and covers such important events as 9/11.

The following “revolutions” will be studied in the course of study. They overlap in time, so specific questions will appear on Unit Worksheets.

1. Revolutions in Society 2. Revolutions in the Arts 3. Revolutions in Politics 4. Revolutions in Faith 5. Revolutions in Science 6. Revolutions in Economics 7. Revolutions in Race

These revolutions interacted and traveled not just through one part of the world, but throughout the world, affecting the affairs of people across the globe.

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Age of Revolution was my favorite volume because of the
opportunities to use living resources. Interview people who were there
or lived during that time. There are also many movies, audio books and
music CD's to introduce you to the time being covering. I liked the
Humanities studies. We collected pictures of the paintings and architecture for our personal coursebook. We listened
to music by the composer or band. Sometimes we would write a paragraph about what they
liked or didn't like, then explain why. I liked listening to music with our eyes closed. We asked questions like,
What pictures come to mind? How do you feel? happy, sad, peaceful,
energized, surprised, do you want to tap your foot. Music is very powerful
and is a reflection of our times. I think of it as modern poetry with a beat.
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I loved having a coursebook at the end of the year with all my work.
This was a very intense volume with lots of things to learn. But it can easily be adjusted to each student's learning by just not doing everything. They will still get great skill development.
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Yes, I would recommend it.
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Finally, a curriculum that unites modern U.S. and World History. Integrating them is so important as we live in an integrated world. My students learned how one country affects another, how world events tie together with what is happening at home, how to research these events, and to really appreciate literature produced around the world. I love the way subjects are integrated and the humanities highlighted as so much of what we are can be seen by what we produce. Challenging and fun!
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  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
The best research-based modern world & US History I have ever seen
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What a great read on all the up to date happenings around the world. This is a first-rate history book.
Grade levels used
Very attractive layout.
There are no cons
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