Top Ten Reasons to Use Lapbooks in Your Homeschool


We asked our Facebook Fans (almost 26,000 of them!) why they use lapbooks. Here are a few of the responses.

  1. They don’t seem like work!
  2. We like to use them as a fun supplement and to show off to Dad and grandparents.
  3. Children love hands-on learning. They remember so much more on the subjects that are paired with lapbooks!
  4. It is a great testing tool and allows you to see what they learned, it allows the students to show what they have learned, and they are so much fun!
  5. They are great for organization, they are lots of fun, and kids love them! My boys actually look forward to doing their work (miracle in itself!), and the finished product is something to treasure for years to come!
  6. Because when they are completed, the kids will come back to them again and again. That means they are reviewing that info and reinforcing what we learned over and over.
  7. You can have art without adding another subject because they can use colored pencils and shading and drawing to complete many of their booklets.
  8. The information learned sticks better because you are using so many learning gates:  hands-on, visual, auditory, and even smell if you use scented markers.
  9. Lapbooks provide an excellent tool for writing practice.
  10. Lapbooks make a great addition to a school-year portfolio.

Lapbooking is FUN! But not all lapbooking kits are created the same. Some are harder than others to figure out. If you like flipping through mounds of paper to find the study guide section and then flipping through more papers to find which booklet goes with it, and then flipping through more papers to find the assembly instructions for the booklet, then we may not be for you.

Our lapbooks are not designed to be shuffled through. Most people find shuffling through a bunch of papers not only time consuming, but frustrating and confusing. The word from lapbook lovers is that A Journey Through Learning’s lapbooks are by far the best designed on the market. How are our lapbooks different? Take a look at these sample pages from our Knights and Castles lapbook.


Notice the study guide page… and then beside it the template page. The template page is also where you will find the cut-out and assembly instructions and also the booklet placement. This is a unique format created by A Journey Through Learning. No one else creates lapbooks this concise. Our design not only takes the busy work out of lapbooking, but it also gives newbies the courage to jump right in! We have lapbooks that are as small as one folder all the way up to three folders big.

We have lapbooks for history, science, Bible, math, geography, and more. We also create lapbooks for popular homeschooling programs such as Classical Conversations, Jeannie Fulbright/Apologia science, Jay Wile’s science, A History of Us, TruthQuest History, and others. If your student enjoys hands-on learning (and most children do), then give lapbooking a try!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Paula of A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks.

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