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EEME Electronic Project for Kids

If the subject of science goes anything like it does in our school, then it may be quite non-existent at this point. I have a few science curriculums that I am considering, but they require months of dedication for completion. I want to do science with my children, but I want to do fun experiments that do not require long periods of time before they are able to grasp a concept, even if I am not as competent in that area.

EEME Electronic Projects for Kids provide parents the opportunity to focus on electronics while introducing science, math, technology and engineering concepts to their children through project kits. It is not even required for the parent to have a background in any of those areas. The projects are hands-on, engaging and answer the questions along the way that any inquisitive child will ask while working on the kit.

The Genius Light project, which we had a chance to review, is the only kit currently available by EEME. They do have projects like the DIY Display and the Buzz Wave that will soon be available at EEME. All of the material required to build the Genius Light is included in the kit. Using a breadboard as the base, students assemble a simple LED circuit system while watching a series of step-by-step videos that walk them through the assembly of the system.

The videos are about 45 minutes long and are broken into smaller segments, so that you have a choice of completing the entire project in one sitting or completing the kit in shorter stages. Participation by a parent and the child is suggested in completing the kits that are geared for children between the ages of seven and 12.

The videos walk you and your child through the steps for assembly and teach the concepts. There are also periodic questions that test the student’s comprehension of the presented task in each segment.

We worked through the video lessons, which are needed to complete the kits and are free by signing up on the EEME website. EEME will also be creating more educational videos where your child can learn more about electronics without you having to purchase a kit. Now, you and your child may watch a learning series on how to use a multimeter.

It was actually a lot of fun for both the children and me to work through the kit. We broke the work up into a two-day instruction period. The first day we watched all of the activity videos and River built and finished the project. He also completed some of the learning and question videos, but he was so eager to finish the Genius Light, that we decided to come back the second day and finish answering the other questions. Although it took us two days to finish, we were able to complete the project and see results while learning without having to spend a long period of time.

River completed the project and now has a Genius Light (put together by a little genius). If you look closely at the top of the white enclosure box, then you can see the light on the top portion. The light is sensitive and responds by becoming dim when in a lighted area and brighter in a low-level lighted area. River already has some ideas about how he may rewire the system for different responses.

EEME has created a neat product that allows your child to learn about electronics while providing the hands-on experience along with video instruction, that doesn’t require hours of work before seeing results. This product is great for the suggested target age and the videos only enhance the learning experience.

There is even an area with each video where you are able to ask questions of EEME dad (the creator of the kits) in regards to what is presented in the video as well as provide comments.

Another series that I know my children (especially River) will enjoy is the disassemble series, which walks the student through taking apart and putting back together an item. That series is coming soon.

You can learn more about EEME and the products it offers by visiting the EEME website.

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