The Great Power of the Spoken Word

In today’s world, we focus on our exterior and our body a lot. Makeup. Diets. Supplements. Essential Oils… it is easy for it to become an obsession. Yes, it is a good thing to care about what it is that you take into your body, but it is even more imperative to consider what it is that comes out of your mouth on a daily basis.

Mom whispering to child

So many times hurtful words will come out of our mouths out of anger and frustration. And we often speak these hurtful words to those whom we love and count most dear. These words can never be taken back, and so it is so important to make sure that the words that we say to others build them up instead of knocking them down. Matthew 15:10 admonishes us that

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”850″ size=”20″ bg_color=”#4c0c7c” txt_color=”#ffffff”]It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man…[/mks_pullquote]

As mothers, sometimes hurtful words will come from our mouths in times of anger. These words rain down on our young, impressionable children, and they can not be taken back.

Use your words instead for encouragement, affirmation, love, and for imparting wisdom to your children. If you are like me, these words do not always come naturally. For that reason, you may want to tape sayings around your house, put them near your bed to read at night, or put them into your phone. I encourage you to do what you need to do in order to pour words of support instead of words of judgment out on your children, your husband, and anyone else that you share this world with.

These words can be used to affirm who they are, what they are doing, what they have done, or even the effort that they are using in order to work on something. This not only shows them that they are important, but it shows them that their importance does not just hinge on whether or not they are successful at what they do.

Ideas of what to say to affirm others:

Speaking affirming words to others not only helps them, but it also can benefit you. Words that affirm might include:

  • I enjoy you.
  • You have been working really hard at…
  • I think about you all of the time when I am not with you.
  • You are my sunshine.
  • I love when you smile.
  • It must feel so good to work this hard at something and to see….
  • You’ve got this!
  • I believe in you!
  • Don’t forget in the power of these special three words: “I love you!”
  • I told … how proud I am of you today.
  • I am proud of how you handled…
  • Thank you for everything you do.
  • You make my day brighter.
  • I am so grateful for you!
  • God has your back, and so do I.
  • The world is better with you in it.

The more positivity you speak, the more you will feel. So be encouraged! And be encouraging to others.

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”850″ size=”18″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”] I am a homeschooling mother of four children. My children are fun and full of energy. We have autism, ADHD, and sensory processing in the mix. I have recently started my own blog called Leiloni’s Life Lessons. You can also find me on Facebook at Leiloni’s Life Lessons and Hello Homeschoolers.[/mks_pullquote]


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  1. What a beautiful idea. We, women, should always support each other. Lifting each other up rather than tearing each other down!

  2. Great tips and a great reminder! It requires a lot of self control at times to not say the things you feel like saying when frustration or anger is present. Thanks for this article!

  3. What a great reminder and some really good sayings I am going to make it a goal to use at least one a day! Thank you for sharing .

  4. I have been so convicted of this lately! Thank you for a timely reminder and some great ideas for keeping me verbally encouraging ???

  5. This is such a great reminder especially since I spend so much time with my daughter. She is a precious gift and I try to encourage her every day.

  6. I have autism, adhd, anxiety, sensory, dyslexia, dysgraphia in the mix at my house. I have four kids 2-9yo. I will try to be more mindful to speak words of affirmation to all of my loved ones. Thank you for the reminder.

  7. This is so true. I have to constantly remind myself that as a mother I have a very important role in the development of my children.

  8. I loved this. I actively try to make sure the majority of the stuff that comes out of my mouth is positive. Even if I am correcting them I do it in a way that does not make them feel cut down.

  9. Agreed! A genuine compliment and heartfelt encouragement are some of the best gifts we give those around us, especially those we love most. Thank you for the reminder!!

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