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HHM Team Member Review…

Many people are not familiar with HardLotion. Our family just entered “the know” awhile back. Having a house full of boys, it wasn’t something that I readily pursued; but I must confess that I was really impressed with the bar I tried when I was introduced. HardLotion is a combination of Beeswax, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil, blended together to form bars that harden. You then simply rub them in your hands like you would a bar of soap, in order to gain the benefits of natural yet incredibly beneficial moisturizers.

We were thrilled when we were invited to review this product by making some of our own!

When our kit from MadeOn arrived, the instructions were thorough, simple to understand, and provided links to the website as well as YouTube; where you can research and watch informative presentations to your hearts content. This project definitely covers a broad spectrum of subject categories…Science (both biology and chemistry), Math, Arts and Crafts… and you could easily tie it in with spiritual lessons as well, if you so desire.

I was really impressed with all of the conversations that just naturally occurred between me and Sons #4 and #5 as we dug in, and we plan to research more.

You simply begin by melting all of the ingredients together in a double boiler fashion. No need to worry about having fancy equipment. The directions suggested a simple glass Pyrex measuring cup in a pan of water. We decided to go with the basic suggestion of equal parts of each ingredient. You can add more beeswax to produce a harder bar, or more shea butter, for a softer one. We started with half of our ingredients, and decided to add fragrance. We are a family that consistently uses essential oils, and that is what was suggested for fragrance.

Also included in the kit were 4 chapstick tubes. We made 2 Peppermint, and 2 Wild Orange. Yum!

The dropper to put the melted ingredients into the tubes was also included.

The boys had so much fun planning this activity. They decided that they would add Lavendar to half the batch, and to the other, a blend called On-Guard which boosts immunities and smells like Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas…

They have decided that these would make fantastic gifts for friends and family, and are looking forward to blending up some more!

They have also expressed a desire to add more beeswax in order to have firmer bars. I couldn’t be more pleased with their enthusiasm, their desire to learn and explore more with each of the ingredients, and the simple, fun, and successful time they had creating!

Half a batch produced 16 bars the size you see in the photos, and 4 chapsticks; one of which my 17-year-old is already using!

We’re “in”!

If you’re reading this and know you get something from us for Christmas, act surprised, okay?

Moms, you simply can’t lose with product/activity/gift combination!


Teri Helms lives in Southern California with her husband and their five sons. She invites you to join her on TommyMom where she blog three times a week regarding her own family’s struggles, successes, laughter and tears as well as celebrating and highlighting great individuals in every walk of life, who practice Leadership Education principles. She is also on Facebook and Twitter.



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  1. Wow! What an interesting product. I learned that there is a product known as hair butter, designed for those with coarse and curly hair. I think my son could use this. Thanks for reviewing this product. I shared it on Facebook and twittered about it, too.

  2. I learned that Hard lotion is better because it uses beeswax to leave a gentle, protective coating on the skin. I never even knew about hard lotion. I get really dry hands in the winter.

  3. Neat product! I learned that hard lotion uses beeswax to leave coating on the skin, so the other 2 ingrediants can stay put longer and heal.

  4. I have never heard of this product before, but it is interesting. I learned that the beeswax seals the moisture in, like a protective coat. This sounds like a great homeschool experiment/project. I hope we win the kit!

    Thanks. Dar

  5. Hardlotion can be customized to different hardnesses because of the fact that the three ingredients all have different melting temperatures. By adding more beeswax the product becomes harder; by reducing beeswax and adding more coconut oil it is softer.

  6. I have used hard lotion in the past and love it… but not this company (a local one). I LOVE the idea of having my kiddos make their own (great homeschool project!!!). I’d never heard of the hair butter though but it would probably work wonders for my thick coarse curly crazy hair! Will have to give it a try! Thanks for this giveaway! God bless

  7. I am really interested in this product because I have very sensitive& often dry skin. I learned on the website that you need much less of this moisturizer than typical kinds- it is warmed by your hands, then applied to the skin. I may have to try this product even if I do not win this give away! Thank you for bringing it to my attention;)

  8. all three main ingredients are edible. 🙂 and i learned that beeswax is what’s used to seal in the moisturizing effects. thanks for the opportunity!

  9. What a great product combination! I was really excited about the Au Chocolat lotion bar lol! I have seen beeswax bars before but never in the *hard* form. I also like the Beesilk Jr for baby and delicate skin. We would love to win this to use for a homeschool experiment and Christmas gifts! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. I learned that the hard lotion can help seal and heal papercuts…those pesky things that hurt like nothing else! I’ve been wanting this DIY kit for a while, so I’d LOVE the chance to try it out!

  11. I learned that there is a bug repellent moisturizer too. Nifty.
    I have only recently discovered how wonderful shea butter is. I really want to try these products.

  12. This hard lotion looks great, The fact that the littles can not spill it all! Is wonderful. The ingredients are nice and as a beekeeper I love seeing the bounty of the hive being used.
    The kit is impressive and the idea that any mold can be used makes it a versitile kit.

  13. How fun! I learned that two of the components, shea butter and coconut butter are edible. This is a project I will definitely try out with my kids.

  14. I learned that this might be something that might help my hands. I am unable to use lotion because it breaks my hands out. This seems simple enough to work.

  15. Im excited to try this, especially since it claims to not leave my skin sticky. Even though we have high humidity in Florida, I still need lotion, and most lotions leave me feeling very sticky. It’s not fun.

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