So Your Teen is Ready to Start Driving

There is nothing that will strike fear in a mom’s heart like these words… your teen is ready to start driving! Believe me, I know! Did I mention I have three teenage boys?  Seriously, I’m sure my gray hair will now start growing in exponentially! Not just due to worry over their driving but because of the price of insurance for all these teen drivers!! Seriously, I need to get a third job y’all!

Do you have teens who are about to become drivers?

If so, you are probably feeling all kinds of conflicting emotions right now. And honestly, we all know these emotions are not just about their driver’s license and insurance premiums! The fact is they are flirting with adulthood way too quickly for any of our liking!

Which one of these emotions do you identify with the most?

How can my baby be ready to drive… 

Seriously, wasn’t it just last year that we were buying him floaties for the pool!

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He can run to the grocery store for me… 

Oh….  and now he will have to bring the groceries in too!


#iconfess I'd rather he were little and I still had to carry all the groceries in. Click To Tweet

My baby is growing up… 

Hey, we birthed them, nursed them, changed them, homeschooled them, and they are on the verge of sprouting wings… it is okay to get a little teared up!

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But who will help me find my car… 

Admit it, you know you have lost your car at least once and your kids helped you find it!  (Tell me I’m not the only one!)



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I sure hope he doesn’t display any road rage…

Because we all remember that time when they had a duck fit over something silly… like when one of their brothers had the audacity to breath on them.



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I worry about the other drivers on the road… 

Because I think they all secretly wanted to be race car drivers when they were little!


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Oh… but he can take turns driving on long road trips now…

Although I’ll probably be the worst backseat driver ever!!


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But seriously, I know I’ll be worried sick every time the phone rings when he is not home… 

Praying he hasn’t been in a wreck.



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With three teenage boys about to be driving, I’m sure there will be many worried and sleepless nights ahead!! But I’ll head over to our Hip Homeschool Moms Community and talk with my homeschool mom peeps… and they will reassure me..

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About the author


Trish is one of the owners of Hip Homeschool Moms. She has been married to her best friend, David, for 20 years and they have three sons (ages 17, 16 and 14). Trish is from the coast of North Carolina, but they now live in rural West Tennessee on a 40+ acre farm. She has been homeschooling since 2009 and her homeschool style leans towards a Montessori approach with a heavy emphasis on hands-on learning. They also own a small business that Trish runs from home. Trish’s family is Messianic and they love studying the Scriptures, learning Hebrew and growing in their faith and walk daily. In her spare time, Trish loves to write, work in their garden and can regularly be found trying to learn something new, modeling that learning is indeed a life-long endeavor!


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  • Love it! My oldest will be driving in 2 years! ?? It looks like I spaced them out to be teaching one to drive and then just as they finally get the hang of it, it’s the next ones turn. For 4 kids, idk what awaits! I’m so glad I have my “tribe” to lean on or vent to. ??

    • I spaced mine out too. My middle one and last one 3 years apart and guess what middle one waited till last one was ready then they both done all this together. There was no break. I do agree insurance , well I hate to say it’s our highest bill. 🙁
      Good luck .

  • This article has made me realize how close to driving my son is. Also how great and scary it will be. Loved the article, Trish, you did a great job.

  • My 18 year still is not driving I do believe I am ok with this arrangement. Insurance would cost us 200 dollars a month more than we pay now. He doesn’t work yet so I am not rushing it.

    • I agree!!! I am not rushing my 16 year old either. He doesn’t have a car yet, although he is saving for it. So… I’m more than fine with driving him (and letting his older brother help).