Taking the Plunge

Women of God Magazine Editor, Trillia Newbell, is taking a plunge into homeschooling and like any writer she wants to chronicle her journey. Trillia will track her progress becoming a homeschooling mom, what she is learning along the way, each milestone, idea, problem and more.

At one time, this now homeschooling mom was an anti-homeschooling gal. Frankly, she was ignorant of what it meant, how it could look, and why anyone would do it. All of her preconceptions were established prior to children, and as we know, children change everything, including perceptions. After learning more, praying, and thinking about her child’s needs she and her husband decided to give it a try. And she is thrilled. You can follow along to watch her walk out homeschooling for the first year on the WOG Series simply titled: Homeschooling. (This article/series has been removed from the publisher’s site.)

WOG Magazine is a Christian ezine publication for women, about women. Though homeschooling is a current series, you’ll find articles on a number of subjects including relationships, motherhood, decorating and Christian living.

To learn more about WOG visit their website at www.wogmagazine.com. Don’t forget to find them on social media: www.facebook.com/wogmagazine and www.twitter.com/wogmagazine.

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