Quick and Easy Christmas Table Decor Ideas

It’s the night before Christmas and you don’t have any appropriate decor for your celebration table!  Perhaps you’ve just hauled out your tried-and-tested table decorations and now you realize that they’re more tired-and-tested.  Maybe that family emergency took a toll on your budget, and you can’t follow your original plan. Or you’re suffering from serious sieve-brain and you simply forgot. Whatever it is, don’t panic!  Hip Homeschool Moms have a few tricks up their sleeves, using common items found in many homes.  Here are 10 quick and easy Christmas table decor ideas for your table.

Ribbons and Fabric

There is so much that can be done with ribbons and fabric.  Ribbons are cheap, effective, and reusable!  Fabric can act as table runners, table cloths, chair ties, and much more.  If you start with a white base (white flat sheets are the perfect table cloth), you can do just about anything with any color theme.  Some ideas with ribbons and fabric include:

  1. Table runners.  If you have yards and yards of fabric or ribbon, consider using it as a table-runner, twirling in and out of the glasses on the table.  Even better, wrap any kind of semi-transparent fabric around strands of fairy lights and you’ll have a beautiful table runner that doubles as a centerpiece.
  2. Tie together white place settings with red ribbon.  Stack all the crockery to be used at each place setting (dinner plate, starter plate, dessert bowl) and tie it together like a package, finishing it off with a beautiful bow on top.
  3. Tie ribbons around wine glasses at each place setting.  Pop squares of matching fabric into each place-setting glass for a splash of colour.  Make sure you include a disposable napkin in each glass too – organza probably isn’t the most napkin-friendly fabric!


Candles have a wonderful way of creating a warm Christmas atmosphere.  And even used candles can be very forgiving.  Candle ideas include:

  1. Group together four or five wine glasses upside down at the centre of the table.  Place sprigs of mistletoe or other fresh evergreen plants underneath each glass.  On top of each upside-down glass, pop a tea-light candle so that it rests securely on the now-exposed base of the stem of the glass.
  2. Place a large thick white, cream, red, or green candle on a large dinner plate.  Surround the candle with natural-state pine cones.  If you have time, consider spraying or paint-dipping the cones with a contrasting Christmas colour.  Don’t have time for that?  Then simply sieve powdered sugar or flour over the cones for that “light dusting of snow” look.
  3. Have some stubby candles, barley grains, ribbon, and old baby food jars?  Then this one is for you!  It can work with any variation of jar, candle, grain and fabric or type of ribbon.  Simple fill a clean jar with dry barley grains.  Wrap a ribbon around the jar in a haphazard fashion.  Push a stubby candle into the middle of the barley and voila! beautiful candles for Christmas!  (If you’re not too keen on the idea of cleaning off sticky labels from old jars, here’s a quick tip:  just use some vegetable oil and a little bit of elbow grease and those jars will be sticky-label free in no time!)

Place-Name Tags

While not everyone does place-name tags, it can add a decorative element to the table that may otherwise be missing.  Suggestions for place-name tags include:

  1. Luggage labels are quick, easy, and oh-so-vintage!  Attach them to a natural-state pine cone or spray the cone green, red, or white for a Christmas theme.
  2. Depending on your colour scheme, a piece of fruit on a solid-colour plate makes a beautiful statement.  Tie a name tag to the stem of the fruit and you have stunning decor and a first course all in one go!  This works best with fruit like pears, apples, and oranges.
  3. One of my favourite on-the-hop ideas is simply to cut out small rectangles on card stock, write each person’s name with a glitter gel pen, and then pop one onto each glass with a simple star sticker swiped from our homeschool stash.
  4. How about quick doily angels?  Get the kids involved and follow this quick tutorial: each of these little doily angels required the minimum of items and made such sweet place-name tags and gift tags too!

There we go!  10 quick and easy Christmas table decor ideas for that last minute Christmas table setting!  You’re welcome to browse my family Christmases for more ideas over at Hazy Days or share a few of your own.  However your table ends up looking, we really do hope that you have a wonderful Christmas filled with precious moments with your family and friends!

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