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I know that the word organizing stresses a lot of people out, but I am one of those people who L-O-V-E-S to organize. I am more than willing to admit that it comes naturally to me, and my personality is well suited to the planning required. The feeling of accomplishment I get when completing a project makes me happy, plus being able to find what I am looking for makes my life easier. Over the summer I noticed that when we told our 6-year-old to clean her room it translated to: move everything to the outer edges of the room in big piles so the middle of the floor looks clean. Obviously it was time for me to clean out her entire room and closet and then organize it in a way that would be easy for her to repeat. I had already done this for her desk and for that, once everything was where it should be, I took photos, printed them out and put them in a page protector for her to refer to when she cleaned it off. Since doing that she is pretty good about keeping her desk in order, but the room needed serious help.

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I purchased these large, see-through containers with lids. They are much bigger than the common shoe box size, and the lid also being clear was a big selling point for me. We went through every single toy in her room and sorted them by type. The little toys she loves like squinkies, little dolls, and imaginext were in all sorts of different containers/baskets, and she would get very frustrated during playtime if a piece was missing or not with the others. Once that was done I told her that all of these boxes had to be kept stacked in her closet when not in use. We also cleaned and sorted everything on her bookcase and dresser. Multiple times while we were working together she would say, “Thank you mom for teaching me how to organize. I didn’t know what to do before.” Now that it’s been done for over a month I see her having so much fun when playing, and it’s also so easy for her to keep her room clean, and we haven’t had lost toys.

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All the work on her room inspired me to clean out the part of the pantry we use for homeschool/craft items using more of those containers. Everything being see-through has been such a huge help!! And I still use my other containers I have picked up at various other places over the years. I know it’s hard to see in the photo, but I have everything sorted by type. Some examples include: stampers, do-a-dots and all types of glue, oil pastels and other painting supplies, playdoh, pom poms and googly eyes (on sale!), rhinestones/beads and pipe cleaners. My other big project was to organize all our extra papers, school supplies, and seasonal craft supplies. I had some big tubs and a 3-drawer organizer that I had been using for supplies and files for my old job. Now that they were empty, I put them to good use putting everything in one place under the desk in our guest room.

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We do school year round and finding/keeping track of supplies in the last 6 weeks has been awesome. I hope this helps to inspire you to do some organizing of your own! If you could have someone come to your house and organize one area, what would it be? Do you enjoy organizing?

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Louanne lives in Texas with her awesome husband and two daughters, whom she homeschools. She loves Jesus, cookies, reading and scrapbooking (when she has time). Louanne also enjoys finding coupon deals, making gifts with her Cricut and Taste of Home cookbooks.

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