New Mexico Pueblo Native American Unit Study

We’re so happy to share this New Mexico Pueblo Native American Unit Study with you!

If you’re planning a trip to New Mexico with your family or as part of your homeschool studies, you’ll love this Native American Unit Study!

A few years ago, Homeschool Road Trips went to New Mexico with a group of homeschooling families. We created this unit study as a way for our families to give their children some background information about some of the places we went and activities we did while we were in New Mexico.

We know children (and adults too!) learn and retain more of what they experience when they have some previous knowledge to relate their new experiences and information to. That’s what we did with this unit study–gave them some information to absorb ahead of time in order to be able to learn even more when we were there!

New Mexico HEART Trip

Click this link to get your copy of the New Mexico Pueblo Native American Unit Study!


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