Fraboom Online Children’s Museum Review

Fraboom Online Children's Museum REVIEW |

As a homeschooling family whose days are filled with all kinds of activity from the moment we wake ’til the second we lay our heads down at night . . . we are always on the lookout for fun and engaging ways to break up our routine and mix things up a bit.

Megan received access to Fraboom in exchange for this review. All opinions given are her own and are not influenced by the company in any way. Please see Hip Homeschool Moms’ full disclosure here.

So, when I had the opportunity to review Fraboom with my children, I was really excited because they love all things computer-related and it can be challenging to find good-quality options for them that are fun, entertaining AND educational. Fraboom definitely meets all three of these criteria.

FRABOOM Review - Online Children's Museum |
What is Fraboom?

It is the world’s first LIVE interactive online children’s museum, filled with all kinds of creative learning for children ages six to 12. However, my youngest is only three, and he enjoys Fraboom too. There are many areas within the site for children to explore. They can attend real-time classes with actual LIVE teachers, play educational games, enjoy interactive storybooks, watch cartoons, collect points, and participate in a variety of other engaging activities that, in my opinion, really cater to a child’s love of learning through play and imagination.

FRABOOM Review - Online LIVE Classes |

Live Classes

If your kids love to draw or want to learn more about drawing, then they’ll love the live classes offered at various times throughout the day. I am truly impressed with the quality of these classes as are my kids. And I am grateful for the safety measures the creators of Fraboom have taken to ensure that children stay safe while they are enjoying their online learning experience. A live Fraboom class is very similar to the kind of class your child could take at a local children’s museum or art center. The teachers are wonderful and do such a great job of engaging kids. There is even a chat box off to the side of the screen where kids can ask questions and the instructor will answer. These chats are kept between the teacher and the student only. Others joining the class will not be able to see your child’s communication with the instructor, which helps to ensure a high level of privacy. You can also check out one of the LIVE classes for free to see what you think.

Fraboom Review |

One of the really nice things about Fraboom is that much of its content can be enjoyed for FREE! And if you enjoy it like we do, you can upgrade to a Gold Membership for just $5.99 per month. The extra content you’ll receive includes more game levels, unlimited access to all the live classes and access to more storybooks, videos and cartoons on Fraboom TV. And because Fraboom is growing and adding more content all the time, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefit of all that is offered in the future as well by purchasing their Gold Membership. We think it’s well worth it!

Fraboom Review |
Why This Homeschooling Mom Loves Fraboom

Often, when my kids want to use the computer, I am scrambling to find something that is age appropriate, safe and educationally stimulating. Fraboom is really one of those gems that I am so thankful to have found for my four boys because it’s something I can feel good offering to them as a fun option for their screen time. They love it and so do I.

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  1. Hello,
    To me, it’s the interactive element of Fraboom that makes it such a beneficial tool for learning, and I think the main reason is because it gives kids a chance to engage, to take part, and to learn by doing and by collaborating—especially whey they can ask questions in the little chat box. Hats off! I was wondering: is anyone using Fraboom to learn how to write? Sounds like a good opportunity for that, too. Lee

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