Homeschooling with Elf on the Shelf

Do you homeschool through the holidays? Some families like to take the month of December off, but others prefer to stay in a routine and keep doing school. If your family likes to continue with school during the holidays, Elf on the Shelf can help keep the kiddos interested and help make school a little more enjoyable when all eyes are really on the tree and not the schoolwork.

Homeschooling with Elf on the Shelf

History of Elf on the Shelf

Older children or teens might be interested in learning how Elf on the Shelf was created. You can learn more by clicking here. This is also a great opportunity to talk with them about about entrepreneurship and tenacity. Many of us teach our homeschooled students to think outside of the box, and they need to know that this kind of thinking can lead to future opportunities!

Elf on the Shelf Writing

Let Elf on the Shelf help get your kiddos interested in writing! You’ll find some fun story ideas here on the Journal Buddies site.

There are more great elf writing ideas on the Primary Theme Park site.

And there are even more fun ideas on Lemon Lime Adventures!

Make Your Own Elf Ornament

Want to make your own elf with felt (requires hand-sewing) or foam sheets (no sewing)? We tell you how to do that here!

Elf on the Shelf STEM Activities

Just One Mommy shared a cute build-your-elf-a-house activity! Click here to see it.

Want an elf secret message decoder? Get yours from The Stem Laboratory by clicking here.

You’ll find some fun math ideas on All Because She Saved. Click here to find them.

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

If you have younger children, they may be interested in answering some questions or having some fun with Elf on the Shelf.

At this link, you’ll find information and ideas for parents and kids! For example, if your elf didn’t move during the night one night, you can find possible reasons for that. (Because sometimes we parents are just too tired to figure out the answer to one more question!)

You can also find sweet treat ideas, ideas for hiding places, and even decorating ideas.

And kids can go here to find activities, games, apps, quizzes, and fun facts. There are also coloring pages and printables.

Take a look at I Think We Could Be Friends for some great ideas for your elf using dollar store props! Click here to find them.

Whether you have young children or teens, Elf on the Shelf  can help make December a month for adding some holiday fun and learning to your regular routine!

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