Rhythm of Handwriting

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Rhythm of Handwriting

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The innovative Rhythm of Handwriting curriculum from Logic of English is designed to accompany the Essentialscurriculum, or serve as stand-alone writing course (it’s already built-in to the LoE Foundations series). Offering a multi-sensory approach that helps students develop fluid, natural, legible handwriting, this curriculum focuses on the kinesthetic movement of each stroke and the use of rhythmic verbal cues that guide students through the formation of each letter.

This program uses a custom font that was designed to be developmentally appropriate for young students and students struggling with handwriting. It is suitable for students of all ages who desire to master or improve their handwriting.

The Student Book is all that is needed to teach the course; the supplemental tactile cards and charts (all available in either cursive or manuscript) are not required. Both the cards and charts feature such detailed information that handwriting could be taught using only one or the other of those resources.

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I love that it uses many ways to learn how to write the letters. It incorporates auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic learning, which helps my son greatly! It's been great for us this year!
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