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Learn Math Fast Review & Giveaway {closed}

Do any of your kids struggle with math? (Do you?)

I’ve tried so many approaches to teaching my oldest son math, and truthfully, we’ve struggled for many years. Enter the Learn Math Fast System, which I received this summer and am so excited to tell you about.

This system is quite unlike any other math curriculum I’ve used before. It currently consists of five volumes, which cover beginning mathematics through Algebra I. (Volume VI will cover Algebra II and is scheduled for release in the future.)

Designed to teach math concepts and facts quickly, Learn Math Fast starts out very simply. In lesson one, numbers that total no more than five are added and subtracted. These early lessons use a hands-on approach by using pennies to demonstrate and reinforce the concept and then to practice the math facts.

Once the child is comfortable with the concept and has practiced the related math problems, he works on a couple worksheets to further reinforce the facts. The worksheets can easily be used over several days by working only part of the problems each time.

How long a child spends on each lesson will depend on his unique progress, of course. My 11-year-old moved through many of the lessons in only one day, while my 8-year-old did better if he spent 4-5 days on each lesson.

Before moving on to a new lesson, the child completes a 30-second quiz by answering the problems orally. This is to gauge how well he’s memorized the math facts and to encourage him to work on answering the problems quickly. (Each 30-second quiz has 20 problems, and after several lessons a 1-minute test with ~40 problems is completed.)

We’ve had mixed results with these timed tests. They really stressed my 8-year-old so I dropped them pretty quickly with him. My 11-year-old, on the other hand, has seemed very motivated by the challenge. He has never been particularly quick with answering math problems, even very simple ones, but he has worked hard to master the 30-second and 1-minute challenges. It’s great to see him spurred on to improving his math skills and speed!

The author of Learn Math Fast recommends that all students begin with Volume I since establishing mastery in the basics is a vital foundation for higher math. However, we all know that sometimes older students who are struggling feel “stupid” if they’re asked to start back at the beginning. The Learn Math Fast website offers a placement test to help parents gauge their children’s current abilities before starting the program.

According to the placement test, my oldest son could have started with Volume II, but I chose to have him start with Volume I . . . just to be sure. (As you may have guessed with Volume V covering Algebra, the volume numbers don’t correspond to grade levels in any way.)

Throughout all five volumes, the lessons in the Learn Math Fast System can be completed independently – especially by older students. I usually work on the lessons along with my younger son, though he does the hands-on practice (with the pennies) and the worksheets by himself. After explaining the methodology behind the program to him, my older son now works on the lessons by himself. When he’s ready, I listen to his answers for the timed quizzes/tests.

The worksheets, quizzes, and tests can be copied at home or printed via the website. A purchaser is allowed to copy or print as many pages as they need for their own family, which means that the books can be used for every student in a family. A big money saver!

All in all, I’m very pleased with the Learn Math Fast System. Each lesson builds on the ones that came before, and topics are presented in a logical, sequential manner. I appreciate the way its set up to teach directly to the student – that frees up my time to teach my younger sons.

In the two months that we’ve been using the program, I’ve seen both my 11- and 8-year-olds progress in their skills and in how quickly they can solve equations. I’m excited to see how they continue to improve as we move further through the lessons.

Visit the Learn Math Fast System website to learn more about the program. All five Learn Math Fast volumes can be purchased separately or as a set. Get the details on purchasing here.

Learn Math Fast Giveaway

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  1. Hi, I’m a new follower of yours and I am glad I found you. Both of my children struggle in Math and I believe all of it could possibly help them with their studies. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  2. I could use this wiht my 9 yr old that still struggles learning the simple math problems.


  3. This sounds great! I would love to use this with my kids and and share with my friends son who is struggling with math in his public school and I would love to help!

  4. I love how interactive the curriculum seems to be. My 10 year old is really struggling in math right now and I don’t know what to do. Maybe this could be his lightbulb…

  5. I like the fact that they can master the concept at their pace and then move on. I think the earlier work would make a great review for my older child (4th grade) and a great foundation for my 2nd grader.

  6. With 3 left ,that are home schooled I am always on the look out that we can can finish up on studies,without loosing anyone on the way. Thats where I am at- My Jesse -he is just having a awful time with some of his math– things he should have gotten earlier last year we are still working on now.

  7. My second grader is really having issues. I can’t help her….I’m lost. We bought Singapore math and she hates it. I have not only wasted money, but now she is stressed out when I mention the word ‘math’… I need help!!!

  8. I think the hands on aspect of these lesson would really work for my son. Thank you sharing this new program (to me)!

  9. I’m thinking the one that is right before Algebra. My son should be in Pre-Algebra this year, but we are re-learning fractions, decimals and percents first – just to be sure. After all, who says they have to learn things in the order of public school?

  10. Mathematics is a base for some subjects such as Physics and chemistry in higher secondary and above. Thus, as students learn more math, they can learn other subjects better and resolve any difficulties, but there are children who really struggle with math and need to be helped.

  11. We use Math U See and the children have done very well with the hands-on approach. The children actually understand the mathematics concepts and can use them in problem solving situations. I started using XtraMath as a warm-up to practice facts quickly. The timed practice is a bit scary at first but we stuck with it.

    I’m always looking at new curriculum and like to hear about success stories!

  12. Anything that can help my oldest daughter grasp math would be an answer to prayers. She’s in 4th grade & her 3rd grade sibling is far better at math and the first grader is gaining rapidly.

  13. We have struggled w math for both my kids (4th & 5th grade) for the last 3 years. I would love a new way to try to help them & this sounds like a good option! Variety is key & this sounds like it has variety 🙂

  14. Love the face that you the child can work at their own pace…..this would be very beneficial to our daughter who sometimes needs extra time in math!!

  15. I’ve had trouble with math every year of homeschooling my boys. We’ve tried it all it seems and nothing ‘clicks’ with them. This approach might be the ticket.

  16. I like that the kids can work at their own pace and that the workbooks can be copied and used for each child in the family!

  17. Wow, where do I begin. My 9 year old daughter struggles even with simple math facts. ALL of this would be extremely beneficial for her. As well as for my other 3 children!

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