Kids Home from School Due to Coronavirus? These FREE Resources Can Help You Make the Most of This Time!

Are schools closed in your area? If not, it may happen soon. What are you supposed to do if you suddenly find yourself with your kiddos at home and you are now responsible for educating them?! First, don’t panic! There’s good news.

There are, as of spring 2019, 2.5 million children who are currently being educated at home, and test scores show that they are well educated! This article contains links to several research studies with more information about that topic. So, if schools in your area are closed, you might consider teaching them at home!

If you’re worried that homeschooling is too expensive, it doesn’t have to be! How about homeschooling for free?! It can be done. Whether you already homeschool and are looking for ways to make it more affordable or whether you’re looking at homeschooling because of school closings, this information is for you!

Why should I homeschool? The school sent work for my children to do.

We know that many schools are allowing students to do online school or are sending work home with students to do. We also know, though, that many children won’t have enough to do to keep them busy. Since local parks and get-togethers may be off limits for a while, your children may need something extra (and something constructive!) to do while they have more time and less opportunities to go outside and play.

If you’re looking for free resources to supplement what they’re already doing or if your school didn’t send work home for your children, these free resources will help you carry on without spending lots of money to do it!

I’m not qualified to homeschool. I don’t have a teaching degree!

If you find your family in this situation, we’re here to help you! Honestly, there’s no need to panic. You can do this! The main things you need to do to be prepared to homeschool are love your kids and care about their education. Got those things covered? Great! Then keep reading!

Research shows that parents need not have a teaching degree (or even a college degree) to do a good job homeschooling their children. In fact, the most important things parents need to have in order to homeschool are love for their kids and concern that they want their children to be well educated. Armed with those two things and some good resources (more about that in a moment!), you can do it!

How do I start? Where do I get curriculum and information?

If you’re temporarily homeschooling because of a school closing, I suggest starting with the free resources included in this article. Give them a try and see how they work for your family. You may find that you enjoy homeschooling so much that you want to keep it up! If not, you’ll at least have some fun time with your children in the meantime. (You’ll find links to the free resources toward the bottom of this article.)

What if I decide I want to keep on homeschooling?

If you love homeschooling and decide you want to keep it up, this article will help you! It has information about learning the homeschool-related laws in your state, finding curriculum, and much more!

FREE Homeschool Curriculum for You

Trish and I (the owners of Hip Homeschool Moms and Only Passionate Curiosity) want to help make this transition easier and more fun for your family. We know this was probably an unexpected change, and it may be a stressful time for your family. Some families are suffering financially during this time too. For that reason, we’re making ALL of our printables FREE for at least a few weeks. This includes printables, worksheets, unit studies, notebooking pages, and more on both the Hip Homeschool Moms site and on Only Passionate Curiosity.

How do you get your free stuff?

Use the code coronahelp at checkout. That’s all there is to it! Then simply download and print out your resources! You can print as many copies as you want for use in your own family, and your download never expires. In other words, if you forget where you saved your printables, all you have to do is go back to the site to download them again. Even if we later change them back to paid products, yours will still be free.

Can I share your resources with friends and family?

We would be very happy for you to share our resources with your friends and family! However, we ask that you do that by sharing this article or by giving them the links to the Hip Homeschool Moms site and the Only Passionate Curiosity site. Please do not make copies for friends or relatives. It helps us when you share the site and let others go to the site to download their own copies, so we hope you’ll do that for us! (And we truly appreciate it!)

Now how do you find those freebies?

First, we do hope you’ll browse around on our sites to see what you can find and use with your children! I’m including links to our sites at the top of this list along with a brief description of the kinds of resources you’ll find on each site. After that, you’ll find a downloadable list of friends of ours who are also offering free curriculum, classes, information, etc.

Hip Homeschool Moms

We have notebooking pages on all kinds of topics from animals to gardening to the solar system. There’s a set of state notebooking pages if you want to do a fun study of the states while you’ve got the time! (You might even want to create your own state notebook for each child to keep and add to as time goes on! I still have mine from when I was in elementary school.)

We also have:

  • Copywork
  • A Wonderful World of Sharks workbook that we created for Shark Week
  • A coloring calendar (It’s from 2018, but the pictures are lovely, so we still offer it just for the pretty pictures!)

Click this link to go to the Hip Homeschool Moms store!

If you want the freebies but you also want to read some articles and information related to homeschooling and living the homeschool lifestyle, click this link to go to the Hip Homeschool Moms site!

Only Passionate Curiosity

This site is the one where we share the majority of our printables and freebies. Here you’ll find lots and lots of resources! We have flashcards, games, interactive notebooks, journals, lapbooks, mini books, and unit studies.

In order to make it easy to find what you want, you can search in several ways. Resources are divided by subject, grade level, type of activity (hands-on crafts, activities, and experiments), holiday and time of year, and by type (games, lapbooks, unit studies, etc.).

For example, in the subject category, we’ve recently published several science printables , some fun math activities, a game, and even some Dr. Seuss-related crafts!  And we have an entire set of life cycle unit studies covering various plants and animals.

For those who want to spend some time in the kitchen teaching your children how to cook, we have some super cute cooking journals for boys and girls!

Working on ABCs with your little ones? Try our Dab-a-Dot Worksheets: ABCs or our Mastering the ABCs article to go on an ABC scavenger hunt!

These are just a few of the resources and ideas you’ll find on Only Passionate Curiosity! We hope you’ll spend some time looking around for exactly what you need for your family.

If you want to go to the Only Passionate Curiosity site to look around for yourself, just click this link!

Want more discounts and freebies?!

Click this link to go to a page with a list of even more discounts and freebies! And (below) we’re continuing to add to more free information as we find out about it.

There are some famous museums offering virtual tours you can enjoy from your home!

Want a free subscription from an educational company/site? Take a look at these.

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  1. Thank you for all of this! I think many of us are overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to begin – due to the circumstances. I know homeschooling was never a part of my plan as a mother. However since being thrown into this situation I don’t want to waste what I think may be some what of a blessing in disguise. Still the homeschooling world is new to me and being a “planner” with not much time to plan for all of this has really rocked my world as well as many others I’m sure – so all of this is so very much appreciated! Thank you ladies!

    1. You are very welcome! We are so glad to be a blessing to you and other moms who homeschool and those who are doing school at home right now!

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