Ideas, Resources, and Printables About Animals

This week you’ll find ideas, resources, and printables about pets! Children love animals, and incorporating them into your homeschool can make learning more fun for both student and teacher. Take a look below for ideas to help you add animals to your language arts, math, and basic skills studies with your children. You’ll even find fun (and easy!) craft ideas, movie suggestions, and even snack ideas!

Ideas, Resources, and Printables About Pets |Hip Homeschool Moms


Animal Activities and Free Printables

A-Z Animal Hunt Printable

Panda Crafts and Snacks

Sea Turtles: A Movie, Craft, Books

Sea Turtle Life Cycles: Ordering

Egg Carton Turtle: Recycled Kids Craft

Story Book Summer: Sea Turtle Journey

Penguins! Resources to Learn About These Unique Southern Birds

Free Printable  Polar Bear Craft for Kids

How to Make a Wormery to Explore What Happens Underground

Animal Skeleton Matching Cards

Look Alike Animals: Mini Unit

Sorting Animals: Venn Diagram Activity

Kids ART: Lion Painting with Footprints and Forks

Cork Dotted Snail

Simple Squid Craft

Paper Plate Pufferfish Craft

Owl Craft

Simple Pig Craft

Animal Observation Activities: Tips for Teaching a Child to Focus and Listen

12 Amazing Citizen Science Projects for Kids

Groups of Animals: Science Printables for Kids

Paper Plate Goat Craft

Shark Sensory Bin: An Easy Shark Week Activity

Pets and Their Homes Matching Activity

Free Animal Number Puzzles for Kids

Matching Animal Halves Printable Activity

Monkey Cupcakes



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