Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics

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Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics

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Jr. Analytical Grammar: Mechanics has been written in response to frequent requests from our customers for instruction in punctuation, capitalization, and usage designed for children younger than those who are in the third "season" of Analytical Grammar. Many punctuation rules are based on a knowledge of advanced grammar, such as is covered in the second "season" of Analytical Grammar; however, we have pulled together those punctuation, capitalization, and usage rules which students with a thorough understanding of basic grammar can comprehend. Jr. AG: Mechanics is best used RIGHT AFTER completing Jr. AG. It usually takes 15 weeks. For grades 4 and 5.

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My oldest son used this in 6th grade. It took him longer than the author suggested but it was such a great tool to help him breakdown sentence structure and learn the parts of speech. It is a very logical approach that builds on itself. He has always done well with LA and it was a great fit for him. My only suggestion would be to make sure the curriculum matches the student. My other son would pull his hair out with this curriculum for it does not offer any variety in the exercises.
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Logical approach to grammar.
Time consuming but worth it.
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