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Do you feel like you do all the chores at your house? I’m Wendy, co-owner of Hip Homeschool Moms, and I have three children. Two of them have graduated from our homeschool, and my 16-year-old is my last homeschooler. As my children were growing up, I remember often feeling like I did all the housework and not really knowing how to get my kids on board to help more. After all…let’s be honest…we know it’s usually easier to just do it ourselves than try to force our kids to help!

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It can be terribly overwhelming trying to get all the chores done without help! But it can be even more overwhelming thinking about teaching your children how to help you! Yes, we all know that our children need to help out around the house (for their own good and for ours), but how can we teach them to help and make it more fun and less stressful?

Today I’d like to share some of our favorite ideas and resources for helping kids learn to help with chores. Below is a collection of ideas, resources, and printables to give you some guidance. After all, we know most kids don’t really love doing chores. But we also know that it’s a necessary part of life. And of course it’s better for us and them if they learn to do chores cheerfully and well while they’re still children. It’s really a disadvantage for those who don’t learn to do chores and be responsible for themselves before leaving home as young adults!

Here you’ll also find some articles about how to get the house clean and (more or less!) keep it clean. There are tips for quickly cleaning the house when company is coming, tips for getting organized, and even some cleaning hacks for moms who don’t have a lot of time and need some simple ways to get the house looking presentable quickly.

The honest truth is that, as long as you live with at least one other person in your home, clutter and messes will happen! Your house may never really get clean and stay that way. But we think these ideas and resources will help you make your house livable and help you get things tidy for unexpected company.

Below you’ll find articles with free chore charts to print, tips about getting your children to do chores cheerfully, suggestions for ages at which children should be able to perform certain chores, and information about life skills for children of different ages. We hope you enjoy these resources!

Tips for Getting Kids to Do Chores

I Can Clean My Room by Myself (Chart with Free Printable)

Life Skills for High Schoolers

Skrafty Minecraft Chore Rewards Plus Free Printable Minecraft Chore Chart

How to Keep Your House Clean While Homeschooling

How I Teach My Boys to Clean

Dry Erase Framed Chore Charts? Yes!

DIY Fancy Chore Card Using Business Cards!

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

The Importance of Chores for Children (Printable Chore Chart)

Responsibility Charts (Teaching Responsibility Without a Fight)

Teaching Kids to Clean: Adventures in Vacuuming (Includes Printable)

DIY Cleaning Caddy for Household Cleaning

How to Make Chore Time into a Fun Game for Kids

Montessori Practical Life (Free Printable Chore Chart)

Raising Independent Kids–Practical Life Skills (with Printable)

Montessori Practical Life Ideas–Dressing Frames and Folding (Printables)

Practical Life Skills–Recycling for Kids

Montessori Practical Life Checklist (Printable) 

Practical Life for an Older Child

Practical Life at 2 Years Old

5 Terrible Reasons for Not Making Kids Do Chores

The Sane Woman’s Guide to Tackling Clutter

21 Cleaning Hacks for Busy Moms

Do you have a tip to share with the rest of us? Have you figured out a way to get your children to help around the house or to get them to do a particular chore? If so, please share your tip below in the comments! 

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