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It’s funny how our children always look forward to summer (for those who take the summer off), but after a few weeks off, they start to complain about being bored! One way to keep this from happening is by keeping them busy learning in less formal ways over the summer. Reading Eggs is an online program that’s fun and entertaining, but it also teaches some great skills and can help your child become a better reader in just a few weeks!

Right now is a great time to try out Reading Eggs if you haven’t tried it already since they’re offering 4 WEEKS FREE ACCESS to new customers. But don’t wait too long since this offer ends on August 11th!

If you’re new to Reading Eggs, just click here to take advantage of the 4 free weeks!

This program has gotten multiple awards, and parents and children alike love it! And it’s something your children can do online that you don’t have to worry about! Your children are in a safe learning environment, and they’re doing something productive with their time. Another advantage is that it can be used by children from age 3 up to about age 13!

Reading Eggs covers:

  1. phonics
  2. phonemic awareness
  3. vocabulary
  4. fluency
  5. comprehension

Very young children need to build phonemic awareness and start to learn phonics. Those who are beginning readers will be able to build their vocabularies, develop fluency, and improve comprehension. Students of all ages and grade levels can use the lessons and activities as well as over 2500 ebooks to develop these skills. And lessons change and progress as your child’s skill level increases, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your child is continuing to learn.

Another great feature is parental tracking! You can easily track your children’s progress, see what lessons they’ve done, and view the skills they’ve achieved. It’s easy to do, and it helps you to know just how much progress your children have made and what their strengths and weaknesses are. It really couldn’t be much easier!

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