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How to Keep Your House Clean while Homeschooling

One of the biggest problems that homeschooling families face is how to keep the house clean. Living in a space constantly, particularly with little kids around, makes it a challenge to keep things clean.

Original photo by  Lisandra
Original photo by  Lisandra

We have struggled in this area in the past, but along the way, we’ve found some action steps that have allowed us to keep things a little neater in our home. We’ve found that the following six strategies have really helped us keep on top of the clutter at our house. If you try them, you may be able to keep your house clean while homschooling, too.

5-Minute Pickup

When I was growing up, we used this strategy a lot to keep our house clean. After we finished a subject or activity, everyone would spend five minutes cleaning up as much as they could. After the five minutes were up, we moved on to the next thing.

Five minutes of cleaning won’t eliminate all mess, but you might be surprised how much difference it does make.

Designated Cleaning Times

In addition to five minute pick-ups, we set two designated cleaning times during the day. Our first clean-up usually takes place before school starts or around lunchtime. Our second cleaning session occurs after school and before supper. We spend about 30 minutes cleaning as much as we can. 30 minutes is usually enough to put away all clutter and mess from the day when everyone pitches in.

Chore Charts

I’m not sure I would make it without printable chore charts. We use chore charts to keep track of what we need to accomplish during the day. I aim to complete one “cleaning” chore every day in addition to our regular clutter pick-up. Each person over the age of 4 helps with a cleaning chore at our house.

Original photo by  Lisandra
Original photo by  Lisandra

Clutter Removal

A few weeks ago I went through the rooms of our house and got rid of tons of clutter. It is harder to clean when clutter is spilling out of everything. We remove clutter about once every six months to every quarter, depending on what is going on at the time.


Organized spaces really do help make cleaning easier. We live in a small house, so we have to keep things organized or clutter builds up fast. Homeschooling families in particular have to stay on top of homeschool clutter, which can quickly take over the house.


We are still working on this tip, but it is extremely beneficial. Right now, I’m trying to teach our children to clean up as soon as they are done with an item. This is particularly important for toys and games. Even the adults in our house could improve in this area.

Our house is a lot cleaner when we use these tips! Just one day without implementing these cleaning methods can build up into a disaster.

Here are some of our suggested products and ideas!

Chore Charts! Find one that works for your family!

Magazine Holders. We use these to keep each subject together and turn the pretty side out (clutter side in) 🙂

Drawers. For all their loose papers and pencils. Have I mention we like to color code, so I have to have the color version of this set!

Baskets are a homeschool family’s best friend! Have I mentioned taming clutter is hard? Baskets on bookshelves help keep it more organized and hidden.

Cabinets! If you are in a small space especially, having one place where all the homeschool clutter can live (preferably behind doors that close), it can make a huge difference!

What strategies do you use to keep your house clean while homeschooling?

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  1. Great tips! One tip that I read long ago, said as you leave the room, to take something to put away or throw away. To always leave the room with something. For example, if I’m doing laundry and need to check on dinner, I will take the folded dish clothes. If I am going to the bathroom, I will take the soap and tp just bought. As I leave the bathroom, I will take a dirty towel to the hamper. This habit has stuck with me for over no years. I never leave a room empty handed

  2. I love seeing that if I continue to do the things I’m already doing, we will make progress. Just need to not let change of routines throw us off.

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