Homestead Originals Giveaway (HHM Birthday Party!) {Closed}

Well, it’s time to wrap up the HHM birthday party, but before you head home, we’ve got one more giveaway for you! Today, our friends at Homestead Originals are offering some goodies especially for Mom. Because you certainly deserve some R&R after all the love you pour into homeschooling. 🙂

One winner will receive both a Handmade Wheat Berry Heating Pad ($12.50 value) and a Soywax Pint Candle ($10.95 value). Mmmm!

Handmade Wheat Berry Heating Pad

The All Natural Heating Pad! Handmade, stuffed with organic whole wheat berries, and covered in soft flannel! Microwave for a couple minutes–and viola’–a nice, soft heating pad…to soothe away your aches and pains! Our handcrafted heating pad also makes a warm, cozy bedwarmer on cold wintery nights! Over a pound of wheat berries, and over a foot long!

Holds in the heat for at least 30 minutes, generally a lot longer! Available in ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ fabric choices, that vary.

Soywax Pint Candle

Our handpoured, all natural soywax ‘Pint’ Candle, in an adorable, old-fashioned canning jar! These are lovely anywhere around the homestead you want to enjoy the beautiful flicker of the candlelight & fill the room with delightful fragrance!

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  1. I relax at the end of the week by Sitting down and enjoying the quiet after the kids go to bed with a nice to cup of tea.

  2. Long hot bath with my kidle is the perfect way to unwind !! Besides, if I am lucky it is a good time to get the laundry going lol !!

  3. Long bath in epsom salts while reading a book and eating chocolate.
    Not that this happens more than once a yr but I’d like it to be weekly 🙂

  4. My favorite way to relax is with a good book in a bubble bath with candles going. It’s part of my Saturday evening routine and my week feels messed up on the odd occasion when I miss that.

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